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Role of a Doctor on Call in Modern Healthcare

Role of a Doctor on Call in Modern Healthcare

Today, we live in a fast paced and stressful world and this makes it all the more crucial for us to have timely access to high-quality healthcare than ever before. One of the many gifts from technology to the healthcare sector has been, ‘Doctor-on-Call’ service. 

This article is aimed to create an understanding about Call the Doctor and how it continues to gain prominence.

What Does Doctor-On-Call Mean?

There are many instances especially during emergencies when the services of an experienced medical professional are urgently required. This is where the Call A Doctor facility has made a big difference.

As the name suggests, Doctor-on-Call is an innovative service that provides access to a qualified physician or a healthcare expert at your convenience, especially outside regular clinic hours. This service is supported at times through telecommunication channels to reach the patient in distress and provide treatment.

How Does Doctor-On-Call Service Work?

Doctor on Call is an extremely gifted service that utilises telemedicine technology. The patient in need can now connect with his healthcare provider via video conferencing, phone calls or even voice or video chat and share his health condition to receive timely medical opinion. 

The major advantage associated with the Doctor Care on Call service is that the patient need not physically visit the hospital immediately. 

What Are the Benefits of Doctor-On-Call?

This unique service comes in with a lot of advantages and has provided much needed relief to many people needing immediate medical attention. Patients trust this service as it is:

  • Convenient.
  • Accessable.
  • Reduces waiting times.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Ensures seamless care.
  • Ensures personal attention.

Choose the Right Doctor-On-Call Service:

It’s all about choosing the best doctor to receive the best attention. Consider these factors that can help you choose the right Doctor-on-Call Service.

  • Doctor’s credentials and his exposure to telemedicine services.
  • Availability of the doctor outside clinic hours.
  • Data security at the doctor’s end.
  • Reviews and feedback.
  • Cost and payment options.
  • Range of services provided by the doctor.


Doctor on Call services have revolutionised healthcare delivery by providing convenient, accessible and cost-effective solutions for the patients. However, it is crucial to choose the right service. To know more about this innovative service, feel free to connect with Apollo TeleHealth, who continue to lead by example in extending efficient and reliable Doctor-on-Call services.

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