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What promise does TeleHealth hold for the next Generation?

What promise does TeleHealth hold for the next Generation?

TeleHealth has been around for some time. But never has its significance been understood by people to a greater depth than during the last couple of years. The challenges posed by the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 shook the whole world. With social distancing being one of the ways to fight the pandemic, many hospitals, medical centres, even independently practising doctors faced huge losses in business. 

There was no option other than to turn to technology for a solution. The magic of Telemedicine was there to do the rest. In no time, TeleHealth became the preferred choice for both patients and medical professionals as it was the only way to avoid personal contact, one of the reasons seen for the virus to spread. 

Telemedicine has proven to be the saviour for now, but how does the next generation look at it? 

We shall take a closer look.

Where does TeleHealth Score?

The present generation has seen the advantages of TeleHealth. The rural sector, in particular, has been able to benefit a lot from it. What is more visible now is the growing appreciation and acceptance of TeleHealth and what it brings to the healthcare industry. Organizations across the globe plan to continue to use this technology. 

How will the next generation connect with TeleHealth?

With the global population getting to understand the advantages of TeleHealth at a greater depth, generations to come can only expect it to get better. 

  • Increase in awareness and utilization

More and more people will take to Telemedicine with the growing awareness of the comforts it provides. The rural and the urban population can look to reap its benefits. Senior and Super Senior Citizens will immensely benefit. There is a good amount of effort put by insurance providers to collaborate with healthcare providers offering TeleHealth services. 

  • Increased Chronic Care Management

Chronic care management has been a challenge for both doctors and patients. Frequent travels to the hospitals to seek medical attention have been a stressful affair for patients. With technology stepping in, the generations to come can heave a sigh of relief. TeleHealth is a convenient way for patients to connect to their doctor quickly and frequently. It also removes the need for long waits in waiting rooms and the cost of continuous commutes to the doctors’ office. 

  • Improved User Experience

TeleHealth has revolved around Patient satisfaction and comfort. As users try to connect more and more with technology and the periodic new introductions into healthcare services, the demand will rise. TeleHealth promises to become a more lucrative option for the next generation and take healthcare to the next level. 

  • Remote Paediatric Care

High-quality child care has always been a top priority in urban and rural India. Monitoring a sick child is never easy. Children often face difficulty communicating and become shy or scared in front of medical staff. This becomes especially difficult for those who need long-term monitoring. But, with the use of TeleHealth, it becomes more convenient for the parent and can lower the costs of high-quality care.

  • Improved Mental Health

A large percentage of the global population suffered mentally due to the anxiety caused by Covid-19. Most doctors turned to video-conferencing to stay connected with patients and treat them. Hence the development of Teletherapy and Telepsychiatry began and is moving forward. It will likely become a widely accepted form of treatment.

TeleHealth is here to Stay 

TeleHealth has proved to be more convenient for patients with many benefits that include improving public health, improving access to care, relieving pressure on the healthcare workforce, and helping to reduce financial stress. It is what the next generation is eagerly looking forward to. 

TeleHealth has been the saving grace for the healthcare industry during the pandemic, but as we begin to move forward, what is clear is that TeleHealth is here to stay. To understand more about TeleHealth and its benefits, please visit us at Apollo TeleHealth, one of the pioneers in TeleHealth services. 

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