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Role of Telemedicine in Healthcare Delivery System

Role of Telemedicine in Healthcare Delivery System

For many years we have experienced our Healthcare System in its traditional form i.e. whenever there is a variation in health, see a doctor and then get the required medical treatment. Today, though the choice of physically meeting a healthcare expert still exists, people are starting to move towards Telemedicine, where technology plays a pivotal role in improving your healthcare system. Think about consulting a doctor right from the comforts of your home! This was unthinkable a couple of decades ago. Thanks to Technology and Telemedicine, the Healthcare System has seen a complete revamp.

Dawn and Importance of Telemedicine in the Healthcare Industry

It is often said and many times it has proved to be true, that, unless there is an incident of a significant magnitude that can bring in a forced change, an existing system continues to be the preferred choice of people. Healthcare is no different. The unfortunate influence of the pandemic is such that the entire healthcare system was taken by complete surprise. So much so that doctors refused to see patients in person fearing the worst. This was when technology ringed in new dawn; the dawn of Telemedicine in the Healthcare industry. 

That telemedicine combines both technology and medical expertise, in monitoring a patient’s health status from a remote location, was in itself an exciting proposition to look forward to. It has come as a boon to those patients who find it difficult to travel frequently to a hospital. Relevant tools have allowed clinicians to analyse this difficulty at a greater depth.

Telemedicine will play a huge role in the coming years

The concept and function of Telemedicine can now be adopted into any branch of medicine. E.g. Teleophthalmology, Teleradiology, Tele-Emergency, etc. Going forward in the years to come, Telemedicine is going to continue to gain momentum at a rapid pace. The potential it has is just mind-boggling:

  • Telemedicine can help prevent diseases and promote health in many areas.
  • The advanced technology equipment which supports Telemedicine such as audio-visual aids, video conferencing equipment, and healthcare-related conversations with general physicians will surely motivate people.
  • The role of Telemedicine is going to get even bigger and more specific in the rural sectors where access to high-quality healthcare is limited.
  • Telemedicine can also play a key role in epidemiological surveillance with the development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Teleradiology is an attractive part of Telemedicine wherein image reports can be studied by radiologists irrespective of where they operate from.
  • Some of the best doctors based out of different geographical locations can be consulted by patients for a second opinion with the help of Telemedicine.

The outcome

With the successful implementation of various telemedicine enabled health care projects by both private and government sectors, there is growing optimism regarding the role of telemedicine in the health care sector in India. The rural sector is going to be immensely benefited from this technology as correct diagnosis and quality healthcare can be accessed more frequently. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything including the frequency of people to people contact. Social Distancing and wearing protective masks are the new norm of life to stay protected. Further, TeleHealth has helped globally acclaimed doctors not to discontinue their routine practice by providing them with the opportunity to pursue their activities remotely.  There’s much more you can achieve out of Telemedicine. Connect with us today, Apollo TeleHealth, pioneers in Telemedicine, to explore this magical gift from technology.

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