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Eyeing for a better tomorrow with Tele-Ophthalmolo...

In an overpopulated country like India, the ophthalmologist to patient ratio stands at a sombre

September 21, 2022

TTAADC has launched MMU in collaboration with the ...

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June 8, 2022

Global Virtual Meet...

22nd Anniversary Celebrations of the formal inauguration of the world’s first VSAT enabled

March 17, 2022

Apollo TeleHealth is the world’s first organ...

Apollo TeleHealth, a multi-specialty telemedicine network, has become the first-ever organisation

December 16, 2021

Digital Dispensary Project in Jharkhand has been a...

We are delighted to announce that Digital Dispensary Project in Jharkhand has been awarded Service

October 20, 2021

Launch of Apollo TeleHealth Center, Meghalaya by S...

Apollo TeleHealth Center (Meghalaya Digital Dispensary) at Rongjeng, East Garo, Meghalaya was

October 18, 2021