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Teleclinic Locator

Tele Clinics

Using ICT services, date and audio/video interactions are exchanged between the two locations. These centres are provided the required hardware and medical devices this facilitates access to quality medical/specialty/services irrespective of the location of the patient across the globe.

Current Methods:
  • Real-time Techniques
  • Store and Forward
  • Remote Monitoring
Current Applications:
  • Two-way video
  • Emails
  • Smart Phones
  • Wireless tools
Key Benefits
  • Increased patient access and satisfaction
  • Reduced cost structure
  • 24/7 coverage
  • Provide primary healthcare that would not be available otherwise
  • Specialty care consultations for isolated specialists, practitioners, and other health care professionals
  • Hospital and Insurance Benefits
Tele Radiology

Through tele-radiology, radiological patient images, such as x-rays, CTs and MRIs can be transmitted to Apollo’s specialists for interpretation and/or consultation.

Key Highlights:
  • One of the leading Teleradiology entities
  • 1st Command centre in Chennai
  • State of art facilities
  • Web based solution
  • Best radiologists at command centre
Tele Cardiology

Tele cardiology services enable immediate access to cardiologist especially in life threatening situations. In tele-cardiology, ECGs are transmitted from remote locations to Apollo Hospitals for Cardiologist's opinion/second opinion to help the remote medical care providers stabilize and/or shift remote patients if required.

Key Highlights:
  • ECG reading centre in multiple locations
  • State of art facilities
  • Cardiologists doing the read services
  • Supporting monitoring services
Tele Emergency

ATHS's emergency care enables remote hospitals to consult our emergency care specialists round the clock to stabilize and monitor the patients in remote hospitals and/or during transfer of such patients to major patients.

Key Highlights:
  • Provide primary healthcare where no physical healthcare facilities are available
  • Early commencement of the treatment
  • Expert team is deployed to handle emergency situations
Condition Management

Through Apollo's remote management programs, enrolled patients receive a suite of tools that automate care plan compliance including the mobile app and wearable/non wearable devices that are related to their particular condition (e.g. diabetes, congestive heart failure, hypertension and high-risk pregnancy). We have therefore empowered a patient to monitor his own health on a daily basis with the help of easy to use digital health devices which are remotely monitored by our 24 x 7 Medical response centre consisting of primary care physicians (dedicated only to Telemedicine). Additionally, the technology's algorithms monitor the patient and run analyses on real-time data to identify intervention opportunities before patients are on a path to hospitalization.

Key Highlights:
  • Personalized medical advice and therapeutic regimen
  • Frequent assessment of the current condition to ensure the treatment and medication plan are right for the patient, according to national treatment guidelines
  • A chance to improve and maintain optimum quality of life.
  • A decrease in the need for hospitalization and emergency department care
Doc On Call

DocOnCall provides major contextual enhancements by enabling access and sharing of patients’ clinical information from the hospital’s Health IT systems. These systems include EMRs, PACS, LIS, RIS, Document Management System, as well as non-clinical information from systems such as staff scheduling, nurse assignment, and ADT systems. Through this integration and access, secure contextual communications over messaging, voice, and video are combined with real-time access to patient information for faster decision making. This effective communication with an ecosystem of specialists and patient information during a patient consultation makes Telemedicine features of a powerful tool for saving time, money, and lives.

Key Highlights:
  • Secure messaging – text, voice and picture
  • Voice and video calling
  • Presence/Availability status
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Intelligent routing
  • Conferencing & collaboration
  • Integration with H-IT systems for patient-data
  • Multi device support – Android, iOS, smartphones/tablets and PCs
Chronic Disease Management

Though chronic diseases are lifelong, proactive disease management and healthy lifestyle choices can help one stay ahead of the curve. Although a lot of information is available online, it only seems like medical jargon, which is difficult to comprehend and implement. Understanding the needs concerns and difficulties faced, we at ATHS, are providing this Chronic Disease Management Program (DMP) to aid and enable you to manage these conditions.

Key Highlights:
  • Our program provides information and self-management support to help people with chronic disease better manage their condition, improve health outcomes, prevent complications and reduce the need for hospitalization.
  • We do health risk assessment for every individual and proactively identify people's needs and give them tailor made advice.
  • Clients enrolled in our program can avail our services for any and all chronic diseases they might be suffering from.
  • Through this program, we address all the needs and concerns of our clients and maintain their electronic health records under one platform.
  • Our Counselling Service aims to improve and promote the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of clients.
  • Our caring health advisors are trained extensively to listen empathetically and provide health coaching and support people to manage their chronic condition
  • Our health advisors will answer many questions which go unasked or unanswered due to doctor's time constraints.
  • Our main intention is to offer resourceful, client-centred, and flexible supportive counselling services.
Healthy Motherhood

Among the various stages of women’s lives, the childbearing period represents a period of elevated risk and the care provided is critical for both the woman’s and her child’s health and survival. Apollo, understanding the importance of special care extends arms to share the responsibility of being a friend, mother or sister to you. We are offering you a wholesome package of maternity care which is being designed to assist the client to enjoy, plan and make the best of nine months.

  • Providing week by week guidance to expectant mothers
  • Nutrition and diet counseling
  • Exercise for healthy mother and child
  • Empathetic hearing of queries
  • Suggestions and advice for informed decision making
  • Mental and physical preparedness for the changes to be seen during and after pregnancy
  • Information regarding various health issues during pregnancy
  • Enabling the client to realize the complications of pregnancy
Cradle Care

Among the various stages of women’s lives, the childbearing period represents a period of elevated risk and the care provided is critical for both the woman’s and her child’s health and survival. Apollo, understanding the importance of special care extends arms to share the responsibility of being a friend, mother or sister to you. We are offering you a wholesome package of maternity care which is being designed to assist the client to enjoy, plan and make the best of nine months.

Key Benefits to Mother and Infant:
  • Coping her to manage new responsibility.
  • Knowledge helps you act ahead of time.
  • We provide you innovative ideas to help you balance work and home.
  • Clear all your myths and miseries regarding infant care.
  • You can relax knowing that guidance is just a phone call away.
  • The counsellor will be in contact with the client on regular basis and thus would be able to help the client to decide when to visit a pediatrician. Thus, saving unnecessary counselling
  • Decrease in man hours spent in meeting the doctor every time for common concerns of baby care.
  • The counsellor can also help in fixing the appointment of the consulting physician. (only in case of Apollo Consultant).
Mother & Toddler Program

In this phase a woman is a wife, a mother, a daughter, a bread-earner and much more. We, at ATHS, understand that balancing these roles & bringing up a child is a herculean task & often requires right guidance and support.Our Program is conceptualized to assist mothers in this process. We aim to bring out the best in a mother and her child and guide them through a baby's overall development to unlock and explore a toddler’s imagination.

Key Highlights:
  • Continuous health risk assessment of toddlers
  • Boost bonding between mother and toddler
  • Reminders about necessary vaccinations
  • Reminders about necessary vaccinations
  • Tips for mom and dad
  • Tips to choose a nanny and preschool
  • How to choose clothing for kids
  • Bath and skin care
  • Myths about growing children.
Diet Counselling Program

Our Apollo-certified health-care advisors are trained in health and nutrition with an updated knowledge in wide range of diet programs. We aim to minimize your confusion by providing you personalized diet advice basing on your timely health needs. This leaves you active and energetic, making you utilize most of the time and prioritize things that are more important to you.

Key Highlights:
  • Analyse diet and health history along with current health
  • Assess needs > develop health and fitness goals > educate on nutritional requirements
  • Prepare a customized diet plan with combination of foods
  • Proper enrichment of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and essential amino acids
  • Regular modification of diet plan as per present health condition
  • Keeping a record of changes in health
  • Send timely diet reminders through SMS, e-mails and phone calls to keep you motivated
  • Call support for queries and requests
Psychiatry Counselling

People face emotional discomfort owing to many issues in their lives daily, but most of them don't care about addressing the actual problem.It is to help combat this emotional distress, that we have started the "Tele Counselling" service to work towards providing solutions to all your emotional, behavioural and psychological problems. We do this, in a perfectly confidential and friendly setup and you can avail our services from the comfort of your home or office.

Key Highlights:
  • Interpersonal Relationship Issues
    (Lover, Spouse, Parents, In-laws, Children, Friends, Colleagues, Boss, Others)
  • Problems with Children
    (Attitude & Behavior, Teenage issues)
  • Academic/ Career Issues for Self or Children
    (Exam stress, Lack of memory or concentration while studying, unable to decide on the right career, Lack of interest in studies etc.)
  • Work Related
    (Unemployment, Harassment, Relationship with colleagues and bosses, Goals, Stress, coping with changes etc.)
  • Personality & Habits
    (Shyness, Low confidence, low self-esteem, Addictions etc.,)
  • Emotional
    (Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Pregnancy and Delivery related issues, recovering from loss of a loved one etc.)
  • Physical
    (Chronic illnesses, Health problems to close family members, Recovering from any surgery etc.)
Tele ICU

THS provides a solution called I see u through which distant relatives / relatives in waiting area can see the patient and even talk to him depending on the situation. This solution can also be used by the family doctor of the patient wherever he may be. ATHS can provide this solution to hospitals on a consultancy or turnkey basis.

Internal Benefits of Tele-ICU:
  • Reduced ICU complication rates
  • Efficient delivery of care
  • Improved productivity of clinical staff
  • Improved staff morale and decreased turnover
  • Enhanced training opportunities
External Benefits of Tele-ICU:
  • Increased perception of quality of care
  • Ability to meet Leapfrog standards
  • Increased revenue
  • Reimbursement for services
  • Grants to acquire Tele-ICU systems
Tele Homecare (Apollo Homecare)

The transforming healthcare scenario in India has led to the advent of HomeCare – Health care services at home for the convenience of patients and their families.Apollo HomeCare has been expertly designed to provide trusted, high quality, personalized and professional healthcare services at home.

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Tele Education

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is very vital for healthcare professionals to render high quality services in line with new developments, both in urban and rural locations. Telemedicine provides robust platform for delivering CMEs to remote locations thereby helping doctors save travel time.

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Tele Ophthalmology

Apollo TeleHealth has set up Tele-Ophthalmology centres with state-of-the-art eye screening facilities across the country. Each centre is equipped with automated digital equipment viz; Fundus Camera, Auto-refractometer, Lensometer, Trial Set, and other eye screening devices with qualified Optometrist and ophthalmic assistant to run the centres. Apollo TeleHealth manages the project electronically through Electronic Medical Recordkeeping, the digital transmission of images captured from the equipment for eye screening and digital reports through Telemedicine.

Tele Audiology

We have come up with a comprehensive tele-audiology solution that Is going to remotely manage and help prevent hearing issues and losses. The hearing aid is Integrated with most of the advanced features, form, finish and color(s) conforming to Indian standards and native anthropometric data ensuring pleasant experience with the absolute best fit and making it ergonomic for longer hour usage, enhanced noise cancellation at multiple levels. It will be made available at the most affordable price in India.

NCD Screening Program

With our expertise in the application of innovative technological solutions, Apollo TeleHealth started a drive against NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases), leveraging upon the CSR initiatives of our corporate partners. Apollo TeleHealth using screening & health education as tools, has embarked on a journey to provide awareness on the prevention and management of NCDs. People from urban slums mainly women, are imparted with social health education to promote good health practices. In addition, people are screened for diabetes, hypertension, Lipid Profiling and Hemoglobin levels along with Breast Screening for women. With this program, Apollo TeleHealth focuses on preventive care, thereby acting on the nascent stage of disease burden.

Multi vital Health Kiosks

Standalone Health Kiosk enables the screening and diagnosis of various health parameters and diseases with the latest connected devices and integrated technologies like Patient Health records, Electronic Medical records, Cloud-based devices, etc.

Multi vital Health Kiosks
  • Secure messaging – text, voice and picture
  • Voice and video calling
  • Presence/Availability status
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Intelligent routing
  • Conferencing & collaboration
  • Integration with H-IT systems for patient-data
  • Multi device support – Android, iOS, smartphones/tablets and PCs



Avail these key benefits of Apollo TeleHealth Services.


Quick TAT

Quick and timely treatment reduces risk and improves patient mangement efficiency


Tele Mentoring

Expert Apollo emergency physicians monitoring the progress of the patients.


Skilled Paramedics

Availability of skilled paramedics at the remote center for managing patients


State of the Art Equipment

State of the art equipment provided at remote location akin to Apollo Hospitals standards


24X7 Support

Round the clock support for emergency care at remote locations, 365 days


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