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The Role and Importance of Teleradiology

The Role and Importance of Teleradiology

Telemedicine has seen a broad spectrum of applications suiting various different disciplines in the Healthcare industry. One such prominent area has been Teleradiology. We all know that Radiology has been exceptional in helping medical professionals get into the depth of a prevailing medical condition of a patient by capturing images of the internal body. However today, technology has helped more and more people gain access to this service in quick time though Teleradiology.

The Emergence of Teleradiology

The process of Teleradiology is gaining more importance day by day and is being widely considered as an effective option by Healthcare experts. However, it also involves the use of sophisticated imaging equipment which can act as an able substitute to lack of adequate staff with desirable experience.

An image sending station, a transmission network, and a receiving image station with a high resolution display screen forms a part of the equipment set up. But, it does not end with just setting it up.  There is equal amount of back up facilities to be implemented too in case the main set up throws up challenges.  In fact, there are now specialized computer programs that are dedicated to sending radiological images with the same ease associated with sending an email with image attachments. This has helped radiologists study the images and convey their opinion instantly, without having to be physically present with the patient.

What are the benefits of Teleradiology?

Teleradiology has been hugely beneficial to people living in the rural sectors where access to quality and error free diagnosis is limited. Similarly, it has also benefitted senior citizens and seriously ill patients who may not be in a position to travel to the nearest hospital on a frequent basis. Some of the widely observed benefits with Teleradiology include:

  • More efficient use of radiology infrastructure

Teleradiology has helped hospitals with lesser radiology infrastructure to share visuals with more sophisticated hospitals for evaluation by a more experienced Radiologist.This saves the patient’s time and more stress he would have to face in case he had to visit a more prolific hospital to gain additional opinion.

  • Cost savings. 

Teleradiology is a cost effective solution for the patients as it saves on travel time.

  •  Improved access to care

Teleradiology has immensely benefitted the rural areas as it offers a quick solution to patients for further evaluation by concerned senior doctors.

Wrapping up

Teleradiology has been a revelation as it has taken Radiology services to the next level. It has been able to bridge the gap between the accesses of high quality healthcare services to the rural sectors. More and More Diagnostic centres based around lesser known towns and cities can now look to enhance their services.  To understand more about the benefits of Teleradiology in the urban and rural areas, get in touch with Apollo Telehealth, who have been pioneers in Telemedicine Services.  Your Health is precious. So is receiving good quality healthcare services.

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