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How Tele-Emergency Service improve Patient Care in Remote Areas

How Tele-Emergency Service improve Patient Care in Remote Areas

Tele-Emergency has been an exceptional discovery especially for the rural areas where reaching sustainable healthcare services was difficult. It has brought in a refreshing change in regularly monitoring the health condition of many people who were bereft of quality healthcare services.

What is Tele-Emergency?

In simple terms, Tele-Emergency is offering the different components of Healthcare including: diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and counselling, with the help of technology. This is done using digital technologies with the help of audio and video communication equipment. The introduction of Tele-Emergency has saved lot of money and time for the patient which he would have incurred on having to travel to a nearby healthcare centre.

How Tele-Emergency has revolutionised Healthcare in Remote Areas?

Tele-Emergency is all about Innovation and Creativity in Healthcare. In other words, it is the next level of Healthcare. This has immensely benefitted people based in remote villages to receive quality healthcare services, in the comforts of their own homes, by using high profile telecommunication equipment and modern information technologies. Though this technology arrived some time back, the recent stress caused on the Global Healthcare System, due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, has seen Tele-Emergency come back with a huge following and success. This system has eliminated distance barriers to deliver clinical healthcare. Let’s understand some more advantages what Tele-Emergency Services have to offer, especially in the remote areas.

  • It has helped in strengthening relationships between doctors and patients living in the rural areas.
  • Tele-Emergency has helped in establishing immediate connect with well-known medical specialists, irrespective of their location. This has helped patients receive immediate medical attention.
  •  It saves lives in the emergency situations, especially in rural areas, when there is no time to take the patient at a hospital.
  • It is a system people can trust due to the cost savings it brings along with it.
  • Tele-Emergency also helps doctors to immediately access patient records through Electronic Medical records, which can be accessed anywhere across the globe.
  • This system also supports health education, as the primary level healthcare professionals can observe the working procedure of healthcare-experts in their respective fields and the experts can supervise the works of the trainee.
  • It also helps in seeking a quick second opinion with an alternate medical expert if the patient wishes to have it.
  • Above all, Tele-Emergency enables a doctor to look at an emergency patient, even if he is suffering from a contagious disease, without the risk of a face to face consultation.

Wrapping up

Tele-Emergency is the next stage of Healthcare where technology shows its class and significance. The rural sector stands to gain big time with high quality healthcare service through opportunities to consult some of the best doctors, right in the comfort of the patient’s house. To understand more about the benefits of Tele-Emergency in rural areas, get in touch with Apollo Telehealth, who have been pioneers in Telemedicine Services.  With our experts at your service, you are in safe hands.

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