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Why is Virtual Care the Future?

Why is Virtual Care the Future?

The one great thing that this pandemic has highlighted is that ‘virtual care’ will be the key component in the future of the healthcare system.

In this rapidly evolving healthcare system, doctors look for advanced facilities that can increase their patients’ access to improved healthcare, while patients are seeking to decrease their overall cost of healthcare in the ever costliest world. Luckily, the advancement of technology is breaking down all the barriers and is making it easier for doctors and medical professionals to communicate with their patients, without impeding their access to medical care, and so, it is turning out for the patients.

Apollo Telehealth is one of the examples of ‘virtual care’ that gets you access to the best healthcare services from anywhere in the world.

The virtual care service provider companies like Apollo TeleHealth provide integrated healthcare services such as TeleRadiology, Tele Condition Management, Tele Cardiology, Tele Consultations, and Tele Emergency services, among others.

What is virtual care?

Virtual healthcare can also be termed as “virtual visits”. With the help of live audio-visual and instant messaging, virtual healthcare enables patients to meet the doctors and consult for their problems from the comfort of their house. The video calls enable doctors to see and talk to patients in real-time and recommend medicines or tests based on the observation.

This development is beneficial in conditions like coronavirus, which has forced many of us to stay at home and especially for people of older age who are more likely to be impacted by it. In the future, with increasing connectivity in rural areas, virtual care can transform the rural healthcare system with easily accessible consultation from specialists around the world.

What are the benefits of virtual care?

  • Fewer chances of contacting other communicable diseases
    Hospitals are the hub of diseases. You will find all kinds of patients suffering from one or the other disease. And, in India, people refrain from going to the hospital until it’s very important, and this is where virtual careservice can play its part.

    Virtual care ensures there is no contact with anyone at the hospital, which eliminates high chances of contracting communicable diseases from the hospital or any patients.
  • Eliminates long queues
    No one likes standing in lines, and especially when you are sick, it feels like standing on the edge of the stairs – you can fall any time. Virtual careservice ensures you get the best consultation without standing in those long queues and waiting for your turn.

    In the virtual careservice, you ask a doctor for an appointment and by the time you log in the doctor is there waiting for you. And, even in case of any delay at least you won’t be hanging on the edge of the staircase ready to fall apart.
  • It also saves time!
    Well, we can’t ignore the fact that people travel miles to seek the best consultation for themselves. In a fast-paced society, it is sometimes hard for us to secure time even for our families and travelling miles can take so much time. With virtual care, one can easily consult with the world’s best doctor from the comfort of their home, without wasting their precious time in the hospital’s waiting room.
  • Virtual care is a cost-effective solution
    Virtual care
    ensures you do not spend money on unnecessary things and save that for the best healthcare facility that can help you come out of any disease you are suffering from. Virtual care service cuts down on unnecessary spendings of transportation, and with virtual care at your doorstep, you can also ensure you will not have to skip a day at work for your family member.
  • Ensures access to the high-quality health care system
    Blaming the rural health care system will no longer be an acceptable excuse with virtual care. Virtual care ends all boundaries that can stop you from getting the best healthcare around the world within minutes. With virtual care, a person sitting in the remote area of UP can have the best consultation from an American doctor, which can result in one of the biggest lifesavers for the patient.

In conclusion, we can say that all the digital businesses have bloomed and as per the analysts’ reports, digitalisation is going to be the future. It will also prepare us as a country to fight infectious diseases, like the coronavirus, more efficiently.

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