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Evolution of Telemedicine: Quick access to Healthcare

Evolution of Telemedicine: Quick access to Healthcare

In the last few decades, India has managed to make advances in the field of medicine and technology. India has almost achieved the best of both worlds with improved medical facilities, types of equipment, and the best of the medical practitioners. But along with the advances, there are few loopholes. Access to medical care is a human right, but rural areas are devoid of basic healthcare facilitates. But blessed with the advanced technology of the internet, telemedicine has been an easy way for such people to reach out for primary medical help.

Telemedicine in India:

In India, telemedicine started around 1999, and ISRO deployed the first nation-wide SATCOM based telemedicine network in 2001. Telemedicine is one of the best technical innovations of recent time, which has, in a way, reducing the barrier between inaccessible areas and medical services. It eases the clinical problems virtually especially for the distant communities in the rural areas, senior citizens, and the physically disabled people who find it difficult to reach the clinics or hospitals.

The advancement in technology offers easy and instant advice for diagnosis and treatment to the problems faced by patients. No matter what corner of the world you are, with telemedicine, you get access to professional healthcare in just one click. It is basically a provision for medical assistance remotely through video calls. 

Being a patient, you need not travel long hours to reach hospitals and wait in long queues for doctors. Instead, you can consult a doctor according to your need and convenience, all by sitting at your home, comfortably.

Telemedicine allows you to discuss symptoms and medical issues with healthcare professionals. They diagnose the situation and offer treatment accordingly. Telemedicine is best for regular checkups, cold, rashes or sore throats or even diarrhoea. In case of complications, they can even monitor readings from certain devices to keep track of your health.

Apollo TeleHealth is one such telemedicine which has been helping patients all over the world for more than 20 years now. Urban and rural communities stand a fair chance to access quality healthcare offered by Apollo TeleHealth. You can get access to the best healthcare services with Apollo’s remote healthcare services.

Applications of TeleHealth services:

  1.  Convenient and easy access from anywhere across the globe: mass gatherings at the local clinics and hospitals can be avoided, and proper consultation and undivided attention can be given to each patient at any time. 
  2.  Extend access to specialists’ consultation: In case a patient suffers from complicated medical conditions like rare cancer, the general physician can easily consult a specialist who can provide better treatment to the patient.  
  3.  More patient engagement: Telemedicine enables the patient to connect to the doctor more frequently, which results in better doctor-patient relations.
  4.  Improvement in patient care: Patient follow-ups are easy. From using an extensive remote monitoring system to inspect the patient’s organs to have a video conference for general help or aftercare instructions, the use of Telemedicine has made life easy going. 

Apollo TeleHealth services:

  1. Tele Clinics: Tele clinics are tele consultations with the best doctors offered by Apollo, who provide the best medical care through call or video calls. 
  2.  NCD Screening Program: Using the innovative application, awareness, prevention and management of NCDs is possible virtually.
  3. Multi vital Health Kiosks: These enable screening and diagnosis of various health parameters with the latest technological facilities like secure texting, video calling, and conferences with multiple device connectivity and cloud-based devices.
  4. Tele Education: Telemedicine provides the best platform to deliver CMEs to unreached locations and to help doctors save their travel time.

Telemedicine has proved time and again to be more effective in terms of healthcare delivery. Treatment using Telemedicine has surely been a boon, especially to inaccessible areas that are devoid of good healthcare facilities. In such a pandemic situation like COVID-19, where the whole world is dependent on medical facilities and medical professionals, telemedicine has been of best help.

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