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As the whole country scrambles to navigate through the worst public health disaster in recent memory, a few organisations and companies are looking to contribute their bit by ensuring protection and treatment for their own employees. With a view to secure the health and lives of their employees, among several measures, these few companies are also taking recourse to COVID-focused telehealth solutions easing the load on the already struggling public health infrastructure and services in the country. And in this endeavor, Apollo Telehealth has emerged as a significant partner of choice for these companies. Apollo Telehealth’s Tele-Covid Management, a notch above the popular doc-on-call telehealth solutions, being a one of its kind offering, is proving to be a lifeline for these companies.

“With our existing healthcare systems struggling to provide adequate services and facilities in these trying times when a shortage of ICU beds and oxygen supplies have become an everyday experience for most people, Tele-COVID Management ensures that end-to-end treatment and solutions is provided for all corporate employees enrolled for the programme. With provision for separate isolation wards, tele-ICUs, tele-emergency and tele-specialist services offered as part of a comprehensive module, we have ensured that these employee-patients receive continuous consultation and care,” said Vikram Thaploo, CEO, Apollo TeleHealth.


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