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AP Govt’s Mukhyamantri e-Eye Kendram To Provide Eye Care Services To Over 2.5 Million People

A 47-year-old woman from a remote village visited the Pamarru MeEK (Mukyamantri e-Eye Kendram) centre complaining of vision difficulties. However, luckily the patient learned about the MeEK project through word of mouth and visited the centre, which was the closest primary care facility from her village. The PMOA (Paramedic Ophthalmic Assistant) at the centre recorded her details on the through the custom designed EMR software and performed the required refraction test using the latest technology-enabled eye testing devices, which showed a refractive error of +1.00 cylinder with 180 degrees axis and +1.75 NV in the right eye, and +0.50 cylinder with 180 degrees axis and +1.75 NV in the left eye, with a spherical correction of 0.00 in both eyes.

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