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Bringing the Doctor to You. A look at Tele-Emergency Services

Bringing the Doctor to You. A look at Tele-Emergency Services

A medical emergency is the last thing anyone will like to look forward to. However, it is always good to stay aware of what needs to be done when an emergency strikes. Getting in touch with the emergency department at the nearest hospital is the basic and first step. While this was practiced not so long ago and rightly so, today there is a complete change to how emergency cases are approached.

Thanks to technology, this has been achieved and more so when it comes to providing emergency services to people living in remote sectors, who are deprieved of immediate attention when reuired the most due to various reasons.

Tele Emergency services have bridged the gap between Emergency services and Rural sectors, extremely well.

Tele Emergency for urgent care

The last decade has seen an immense potential for India to become the most popular destination when it comes to outstanding Healthcare services. Needless to say, technology has played a huge role in bringing about this tremendous change and that too in a very short span of time.However, where it mattered most was, in reaching emergency medical services to the rural sector.The concept of Tele Emergency services has been a perfect solution which has bridged this gap to a huge extent.

Imagine bringing a doctor right upto the comforts of your residence instead of you having to go all over to the nearest clinic! Yes, this has been made possible by Tele Emergency services.

Understanding Tele Emergency.

For simple understanding, Tele Emergency establishes that critical connect between healthcare providers and patients in remote or rural areas with providers at a central hub emergency department, either through video conferencing or similar TeleHealth technology, when it is most required.  

How Tele-Emergency brings in a doctor, right up to you!?

Tele Emergency is more about Innovation and Creativity in Healthcare. By making use of advanced technology driven telecommunication and satellite information systems, this technology facilitates a connect between the patient, the local doctor and an expert consultant, irrespective of his geographic location.

This has immensely benefitted people based in remote villages to receive quality healthcare services, in the comforts of their own homes. Not just this. Tele Emergency for urgent care has helped in creating a healthy association between the patient and doctors.

  • A stitch in time saves nine and that’s what Tele Emergency has been able to offer. Not just efficiently, but in record time. 
  • It is a cost-effective solution.
  • The patient’s medical history can be accessed from anywhere, anytime through Electronic Medical records.
  • Helps create an awareness on maintaining good health across communities.
  • Facilitates seeking a quick second opinion with an alternate medical expert if the patient wishes to have it.
  • Above all, it enables a doctor to look at an emergency patient, even if he is suffering from a contagious disease, without the risk of a face-to-face consultation.

Wrapping up

Tele Emergency for urgent care is the next level of healthcare where technology shows its presence and significance. The rural sector is the biggest beneficiary. To understand how, get in touch with Apollo TeleHealth, who have been pioneers in TeleHealth Services.  With our experts at your service, you are in safe hands.

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