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Expanding Access. How Emergency Medicine TeleHealth bridges the gap in Rural Areas

Expanding Access. How Emergency Medicine TeleHealth bridges the gap in Rural Areas

TeleHealth has won many hearts globally especially due to its ability to offer immediate care during emergency services and that too in areas where high quality health care was deemed next to impossible.

There is no better example than the Pandemic period when the global healthcare system was stressed to unexplainable limits. This is when the Emergency Tele-Medicine System proved its worth by bringing in a refreshing change. Today, regularly monitoring the health condition of many people who were bereft of quality healthcare services, is easy and successful.

Accessing Good Healthcare Service – A challenge for Rural Areas

Rural sectors faced many hurdles when it came to even creating an awareness about public hygiene and maintaining good health. The reason could be attributed to,

  • People’s approach living in rural sectors.
  • No proper education.
  • No adequate transportation facilities.
  • Below par quality of food.
  • Lack of cleanliness.
  • Lack of basic needs.

The emergence of TeleHealth has transformed villages completely and made life more easier for rural population.

Tele-Emergency – The Gamechanger

Emergency Medicine TeleHealth utilises the latest technology in extending medical services including diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and counselling. High performance Audio and Video Equipment form a part of this system. This is done using digital technologies with the help of audio and video communication equipment. The introduction of the Emergency Tele-Medine System has proven to be a very cost-effective option for people living in rural areas especially by saving lot of money and time.

How Emergency Medicine TeleHealth bridges the gap in Rural Areas?

Emergency Medicine TeleHealth has redefined the Healthcare services by making it more innovative and user friendly. This system has eliminated the issue of distance which was one of the big hurdles in reaching high-quality healthcare to the rural areas.

There is some more added value.

  • Better co-ordination and strong relationship between the patients and Emergency Doctor Telemedicine.
  • Immediate medical attention to the needy irrespective of their location.
  • Avoids the hardships of travel especially when it is needed the most.
  • Patient records in the form of EMR can be easily and frequently accessed by the Emergency Doctor Telemedicine.
  • Gives a good awareness to local healthcare authorities and doctors on how to make use of technology the best way and serve those who are in immediate need without wasting time. 
  • Helps in seeking a quick second opinion with an alternate medical expert if the patient wishes to have it.
  • Above all, Emergency Tele-Health System helps a doctor to look at a critical patient even if he is suffering from a contagious disease, without the risk of a face-to-face consultation.

Wrapping up

Emergency Medine Tele-Health is healthcare at the next level where technology shows its supremacy and brilliance. The rural sector will gain big time with high quality healthcare service through opportunities to consult some of the finest medical experts across different specialities, right in the comfort of the patient’s house. To understand more about what it actually means and brings in, feel free to connect with Apollo TeleHealth, the pioneers in Emergency Medicine TeleHealth Services.  With our experts at your service, you are in safe hands.

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