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Breaking down Barriers. TeleHealth in Remote Places

Breaking down Barriers. TeleHealth in Remote Places

Not so long ago, Remote Healthcare was a dream. Not any more today as thanks to technology, in the form of TeleHealth there has been a complete transformation in the way the Healthcare system is looked at, especially when it comes to reaching high-quality medical services to remote areas.

In this article. experts from Apollo TeleHealth, pioneers in Telemedicine services, share few important thoughts.

Challenges faced by Remote Places

There is much more to be done to ensure that rural sectors can breathe freely when it comes to providing timely and good quality healthcare services. What has been achieved so far is a tremendous beginning and this success needs to be converted into more opportunities by reaching out to more and more villages in the remotest of the areas.

Areas that need to be more focussed upon include:

  • Studying the behaviour pattern of the population residing living in rural sectors.
  • Looking at enhancing the quality of education and awareness.
  • Improving transportation facilities.
  • Ensuring access to proper nutrition.
  • Improving hygiene.
  • Improving basic facilities.

It is here that Apollo TeleHealth has brought in a refreshing change with some well-designed and people friendly TeleHealth based projects, with an aim to judiciously work upon each of the above factors and improve the quality of living in remote places through a superior-quality healthcare system.

 Our Projects

Some of our valuable projects that have turned out to be gamechangers, include:

  • Swaasth Vahan Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) Project

This immensely popular project in collaboration with Apollo Hospitals, had a huge impact by reaching out high-quality healthcare to the people residing in the remotest villages in Tripura in Assam, located in the North Eastern part of India.

Through well-equipped Mobile Medical Unit vans, the team of experts visited the remotest parts of this naturally beautiful part of India and offer key services including:

  • Primary Healthcare
  • Dispensing medicine.
  • Emergency care.
  • Healthcare awareness programs.
  • Maternity and Childbirth.
  • Consultation with top expert doctors.
  • HP – THS Program

This unique project titled Himachal Pradesh TeleHealth Service Project in association with National Health Mission, Department of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh is the first of its kind in India. The aim of this TeleHealth program is to reach out to people dwelling in extremely challenging living conditions in the serene Himalayas and provide emergency, specialty, and super-specialty healthcare consultation services. 

  • Sustainable, Partnership based TeleHealth Services in Rural India – Tuver Village Gujrat.

The Tuver Health and Wellness Centre program is an Apollo TeleHealth initiative in collaboration University of Pittsburgh (UoP), Business of Humanity (BoH) in association with Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation (ATNF), Safe World Rural Services (SRS), and Narottam Lal Bhai Rural Development Fund (NLRDF) has initiated Tuver Health & Wellness Centre (THWC) project.

Together, these prestigious and reknowned institutions have been able to collectively establish a rural healthcare system that has benefited the healthcare requirements of tribal and rural communities.

  • “Get – Active” Programs

This is a highly progressive program operated by Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation, in association with Landmark Group. The core objective of this program continues to hold Healthcare screening camps at remote places in an effort identify potential risks of life-threatening diseases, strategise a treatment plan and serve the communities.

  • Mukhyamantri e-Eye Kendram Project – Andhra Pradesh

This ambitious project by Apollo TeleHealth and Telemedicine Networking Foundation in collaboration with the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has been a big hit as it has bridged the gap between High quality eye-care and rural sector, significantly well. Over 3 million people have benefitted out of this prestigious project which continues to reach many more people. 

  • Meghalaya Cancer Care Project

The Meg Can Care Project is an exciting imitative spearheaded by The Meghalaya Government in collaboration with Apollo Tele Networking foundation and World Economic Forum. This free Cancer Screening program aims to screen over a million people for cancer and offer timely assistance in treatment approach.

Wrapping up

TeleHealth has surely taken Healthcare in rural areas by storm. There is a need to further increase its intensity so that it can benefit the rural population throughout our country. As such, technology is more urgently needed by the under-developed and rural areas. To understand more about the benefits of TeleHealth in the rural areas, meet us at Apollo TeleHealth and enjoy a stress free and healthy life.

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