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Apollo TeleHealth’s TeleCovid Management, a lifeline for companies and employees in Covid times

Gurugram: As the whole country scrambles to navigate through the worst public health disaster in recent memory, a few organizations and companies are looking to contribute their bit by ensuring protection and treatment for their own employees. With a view to secure the health and lives of their employees, among several measures, these few companies are also taking recourse to Covid-focused telehealth solutions easing the load on the already struggling public health infrastructure and services in the country. And in this endeavor, Apollo Telehealth, India’s premier and pioneering telehealth solutions provider, has emerged as a significant partner of choice for these companies. Apollo Telehealth’s Tele-Covid Management, a notch above the popular doc-on-call telehealth solutions, being a one of its kind offering, is proving to be a lifeline for these companies with several more queuing up to deploy this service.

“Today, our public health infrastructure is being tested to its limits with the sheer ferocity of the new wave with newer mutants and variants of the virus striking mortal fear in most of us even impacting motivation and productivity at work. At this juncture, our Tele-Covid Management solution that we put in place last year has proved to be a godsend for organisations and companies. We understand that despite the imposition of mobility restrictions and lockdowns, there are several sectors of the economy where physical movement of a part of the workforce is unavoidable and keeping social distancing nearly impossible. And the energy sector is one such sector where a substantial number of employees would have to be, willy-nilly, involved in functions which would necessitate outdoor activity and mingling. It is very likely that these employees while in the line of duty would fall prey to the deadly virus. And here it is but natural that the responsibility would lie with the companies themselves for the safety and health of their employees. With Tele-Covid Management solution, Apollo Telehealth has made an effort to share that responsibility of these companies towards their staff,” said Mr. Vikram Thaploo, CEO, Apollo TeleHealth.

“With our existing healthcare systems struggling to provide adequate services and facilities in these trying times when a shortage of ICU beds and oxygen supplies have become an everyday experience for most people, Tele-Covid Management ensures that end-to-end treatment and solutions is provided for all corporate employees enrolled for the programme. With provision for separate isolation wards, tele-ICUs, tele-emergency and tele-specialist services – also accounting for comorbidities – offered as part of a comprehensive Tele-Covid Management module, we have ensured that these employee-patients receive continuous consultation and care by some of the best practitioners and doctors in the country. The programme runs until these patients get completely cured of the deadly disease and rejoin work with fresh energy and vigour. It has been a great help especially for companies having their operational facilities in remote locations,” further said Mr Thaploo.

So far, running from more than 10 locations, the programme has catered to 1400 plus employee-patients spread across the states of Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh and Orissa delivering in excess of 10,000 consultations. Among the two PSU’s who have already adopted Apollo Telehealth’s Tele-Covid Management solutions, NTPC Limited (National Thermal Power Corporation Limited) is one, which is engaged in the business of generation of electricity and allied activities.It is being anticipated thatmany more companies are likely to follow their footsteps in the coming weeks and months to ensure that their employees get the required protection and treatment amid these uncertain times. 


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