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Telemedicine will continue to gain momentum post Covid-19

Telemedicine will continue to gain momentum post Covid-19

The past couple of years have seen a considerable change in the way the Global Healthcare System had to undergo changes as warranted and during frequent intervals. The Covid-19 Pandaemic has exposed many weak areas in the system. However, at the same time, it has also shown how technology can be used in a broader way, to improve the system. One such innovation has been in the form of Telemedicine or TeleHealth.

Where Telemedicine scored over the rest of the options?

Telemedicine combines both, technologies and medical expertise, in monitoring a patients’ health status from a remote location. Appropriate tools have allowed clinicians to look at a patient’s difficulty in frequently visiting hospitals, at a greater depth, especially those who have chronic ailments and require frequent medical attention.

The Covid-19 Pandaemic has seen a lot of resistance from patients to visit hospitals even to seek medical advice for problems other than Covid-19. This is mainly due to the fear of contacting the virus at any place and at any time.  This is where Telemedicine has come out as a boon, both for doctors as well as patients.

Impact of Telemedicine in fighting the Pandaemic

As we have seen, Telemedicine has initially arisen to provide medical assistance either in rural areas or where access to care is hard, mainly aimed at improving chronic disease management and fighting a now challenging Pandaemic. This “home-based” management system is extremely useful to diagnose infection-related symptoms and address subjects to dedicated referral centres. Even asymptomatic patients who have tested positive can be followed up by periodic phone and web consulting

In addition, telemedicine is also useful to take care of individuals who have been isolated as a part of the treatment for Covid-19.  In this way, Telemedicine has ensured an adequate safety to both clinicians and caregivers by limiting the direct contact with the infected patients. Lastly, up to now, telemedicine can also support the outpatients’ management of periodical visits, which were halted due to the mandatory lockdown imposed by local governments.

Will Telemedicine hold its own even after the Pandaemic ends?

The questions regarding will the Pandaemic end at some point of time in the future is anybody’s guess. The various shapes which the virus continues to take in the form of new variants confirm that it’s a long fight ahead. As a result, the concern of doctors with respect to visiting medical centres in person will be more evident and justified. This is proof enough for Telemedicine to continue to play a significant role for many years to come. 

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought global lives to a complete standstill, strongly affecting daily life, as well as most health systems, which have been faced with the management of both infected patients and routine non-COVID-19 patient care.

Thanks to Technology and Telemedicine that there is a ray of hope now. Though vaccines have come at an appropriate time and have proved to be an effective option, Telemedicine can continue to serve as an immediate option to take care of a Covid -19 affected patients, much before vaccination reaches him/her. The large proportions of this pandemic have also encouraged a reduction of the gap related to the poor compliance to the use of digital tools.

Keep In Mind

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought in a big change with respect to people to people contact. Social Distancing and wearing protective masks is the new norm of life to stay protected.   Further, TeleHealth has helped clinicians not to discontinue their routine practice providing them with the opportunity to pursue their activities remotely.  To learn more about how this excellent technology can keep you fit and confident, reach out to Apollo TeleHealth, one of the pioneers in Telemedicine. For more information, write to:

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