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Telemedicine – the Great Equalizer for Access to High-quality Care

Telemedicine – the Great Equalizer for Access to High-quality Care

Healthcare as a sector has had its share of ups and downs. The greatest impact it suffered was when the recent pandemic implicated large-scale damage to the global population. This was when Telemedicine Service showed what it’s capable of and revealed the technology behind it to see great success. With doctors virtually stopping physical access to patients, it was the concept of virtual consultation that introduced Telemedicine for Doctors.

Telemedicine and Its Rapid Advance:

Is Telemedicine increasing access to healthcare? Well, surely it is and there are no second thoughts about it. The answer to the above question which may cross many people’s minds is proved by the impact of Telemedicine consultation, especially in rural areas where access to high-quality healthcare is either negligible or nil. Digitization has made doctor-to-patient and doctor–to–doctor connections possible today irrespective of wherever both are located. 

The advantages of Telemedicine Quality of Care are visible clearly. Today people living in the remotest of villages can confidently look forward to accessing the services of a good doctor to seek immediate medical attention. This is possible through remote patient consultations through video conferencing.  Furthermore, people have also contributed immensely from their part to making this concept a huge hit among the masses. Of course, the results are clearly there for all to see.  

How Telemedicine Can Improve the Quality of Care for Patients?

Telemedicine Service has been a game changer in many ways in India. One of the major changes it has brought in is by making it possible to reach professional healthcare services to every nook and corner of India. It does not stop with just Telemedicine Consultation. This technology has been put into use in every sector of healthcare including diagnostic services, emergency care, eye care and intensive care, to name a few. 

The emergence of the Telemedicine ICU is a remarkable example to prove that healthcare indeed has progressed on to the next level. The main objective behind the emergence of Tele-ICU is to address the increasing demand for intensive care services due to the shortage of intensivists. A finite number of intensivists from remote locations provide real-time services to multiple ICUs and assist in the treatment of critically ill patients. This technology has been able to reduce high mortality rates through reduced ICU length of stay and subsequently hospital stays thereby decreasing healthcare costs.

Is Telemedicine Legal in India:

Yes, offering Telemedicine Services is well and truly legal in India. The collapse of the healthcare system during the pandemic times has seen Telemedicine become a great equalizer for access to high-quality healthcare. The emergence of Telemedicine companies in India on a large scale proves it further. 

The Final Word:

Adopting Telemedicine as a beneficial service can work wonders for Hospitals, Doctors and Patients. One of the pioneers in TeleHealth Services has been Apollo TeleHealth. As newer avenues and newer options unfold, Apollo TeleHealth is sure to explore possibilities towards giving the best to its patients.

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