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ICU on Wheels – 5G Enabled Ambulance

ICU on Wheels – 5G Enabled Ambulance

While Telemedicine is slowly getting to the next level, thanks to the impact of TeleHealth technology, there is something more that is equally exciting. The tele ICU system is getting an equal amount of recognition and winning the trust of people big time. 

Tele ICU Services now have the support of 5G Ambulance. This can be termed a real marvel of technology and why not? Seeing a 5G connected Ambulance is a dream converted to reality and TeleHealth at its next level. 

Apollo Ambulance Services is widely trusted for its commitment and excellent emergency care services. This article shares some interesting facts about Apollo Hospitals 5G Ambulance.

Highlights of 5G connected Ambulance:

The 5G Ambulance has taken EICU companies by storm as every hospital is trying to cash in on the benefits of 5G Technology. It is a transformational technology and is seen to have tremendous potential in combining with healthcare and taking Tele ICU services to the next stage.

The Apollo Hospitals 5G Connected Ambulance is equipped with advanced technology-driven medical equipment, patient monitoring applications and telemetry devices. These devices transmit patient health data to the hospital in real time. Additionally, the 5G Ambulance is equipped with onboard cameras, camera-based Headgear and Body Cams for paramedic staff – all linked to the 5G network. 

Studies are on to link the 5G Network with the AR/VR technology and once this happens, the Tele ICU system will witness something that until now would just be termed as an imagination. 

Most of us would be aware of the significance of ‘The Golden Hour’ terminology in the medical fraternity. It can make all the difference between life and death for seriously ill or trauma patients in an emergency. 

The Golden Hour is impacted by the facilities in an ambulance and the distance from the Hospital. The 5G connected Ambulance can go a long way in speeding up services and that is what has made Apollo Ambulance services, the most trusted in cases of emergency and trauma. 

The Final Word:

5G connected ambulance services are the next thing to happen to Tele ICU services. To know more about this immensely successful technology, please connect with Apollo Telehealth, the pioneers in Tele ICU System in India.

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