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What is an eICU-The key facts you need to know

What is an eICU-The key facts you need to know

When you talk about how technology has influenced a completely changed world and subsequently the lifestyle of individuals, there are umpteen examples that can be given in various business sectors. Take healthcare for example. Technology drives every major treatment plan today which is, by vastly successful with patients. One of the major contributions of technology is the evolution of TeleHealth in a huge way that was visible during the pandemic.

Taking it a step forward is another revolution in the form of eICU or Electronic ICU. Sounds extremely exciting, isn’t it?! Let’s then understand a bit more about what eICU is and how it benefits the masses.

What is an eICU?

Most of us would be aware of what an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) is. It is commonly used in the medical world especially when it comes to emergency care or critical care. An eICU is technology support at the next level for an ICU. In simple words, it is designed to produce an additional layer of intensive care for patients.

How does an eICU work?

The normal ICU routine sees your critical care specialist be with you 24 hours and closely monitor your health condition. In an eICU set-up, it is neither necessary for caregivers to be beside you round the clock nor in the same hospital where you are admitted. This is because, through an eICU platform, caregiver can access patient data, clinical information, doctor reports and treatment advice, remotely. Technology helps caregiver do the entire activity from wherever the place through high-definition audio and video equipment which are driven by advanced software.

Advantages of an eICU

The eICU model is getting both healthcare providers and patients excited to know the extent and why not! The number of benefits it brings along with it is mind-blowing. It allows ICU specialists or Intensivists and ICU nurses to orally communicate with the ICU and manage patients from a remote location by giving real-time support. And with eICU, multiple numbers of patients spread across multiple ICUs and hospitals can access high-quality care.

What it can surely offer is

  • Better and wider care
  • It can address the issue of the non-availability of quality ICU doctors and nurses especially when it is required the most.
  • Prevent clinician burnout
  • Extremely useful when doctor-patient personal contact cannot be established like during the Covid times.

Wrapping up

The objective of an eICU is to optimize medical expertise and facilitate 24-hour-a-day critical care by specialist ICU caregivers, regardless of their location. Thanks to TeleHealth Technology, this has been another major gift to the healthcare system across the world.

It is no doubt exciting and encouraging because it is convenient and efficient too. Want to know more about how it works, feel absolutely free to meet your friendly doctors at Apollo Telehealth who have made a major difference in offering high-quality healthcare to every citizen of our country through TeleHealth services.

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