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How to Prepare for Telehealth Appointments?

How to Prepare for Telehealth Appointments?

In the last couple of years, tele healthcare has seen an unprecedented rise in India and continues to win the hearts of people at a rapid pace. The number of telehealth companies in India continues to increase. This proves that technology indeed has had a great impact and a positive impact when it comes to addressing people’s health issues virtually, irrespective of wherever they stay. 

However, it is not just the technology behind this service or the access to some of the best doctors, right from wherever you stay, is what that matters. You as a patient also need to do your homework to ensure that the process is smooth and effective. Let’s take a look.

How Do Telehealth Appointments Work?

As a patient seeking Telemedicine Services, you need to prepare yourself well in advance as the doctor would have assigned you limited time based upon his availability. 

  • Have the Best Technology in Place:

Since this is a technology-driven service, you must ensure that you have the best electronic infrastructure in place to support you. It will work wonders for you if you have the fastest operating computer system with the latest technology software loaded into it. As your interaction will be through audio and video conferencing, make sure you have the best set of headphones and microphones in place.

  • Prepare Your Medical Questions:

Write down all the possible questions you would like to ask your doctor to save his and your time and make the interaction fast and smooth. 

  • Conduct Your Own Physical Exam:

By this we mean, check your BP and Sugar Levels, Heart and Pulse rates if possible and keep the readings ready so that you can communicate the same instantly to your physician. 

  • Make a Comfortable Space:

Make sure that you have enough space to place all your communication equipment. Also, ensure that you are as much away from external sound or disturbances, to have clear communication.

  • Have a Family Member With You:

Have a friend or a family member with you who can support you right through your teleconsultation process. 

What Do I Need for a Telehealth Appointment?

Telehealth in India is growing at a great speed. So, it’s highly important you have some of the best and fastest devices set up at your end. 

Ensure that you are well-equipped with,

  • Smart Phone, Tablet or a PC which is fast and responds quickly
  • A high-speed, broadband internet connection
  • Latest audio and video communication equipment
  • Uninterrupted power supply with a generator

Why is Telehealth Important?

The significance of Telehealth was greatly felt and understood, especially during the pandemic days in rural areas, when offering high-quality and immediate healthcare was not quickly available. Technology has completely changed and taken healthcare to the next level. Today, not just in the rural sectors, but even in the urban sectors, Telemedicine is gathering a lot of attention.  It saves time, energy and all importantly, money for patients on travel. 

Can Telehealth Be Done on the Phone?

Yes, it can be done on the phone. All you need is a good smartphone and support devices.

How Much Do Telehealth Appointments Cost?

The cost of Telehealth in India depends upon the type of TeleHealth service chosen and the diagnostic abilities of the doctor. Some consultations may cost more in case they involve multiple doctor consultations at the same time like telehealth cardiology or telehealth emergency for e.g. 

The Final Word:

The benefits of Telemedicine are there for all of us to see.  To know more about this immensely successful technology, please connect with Apollo Telehealth, the pioneers of telemedicine in India.  

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