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How can Technology help in Healthcare?

How can Technology help in Healthcare?

Technology has been a game changer as far as how various business sectors have progressed in the last two decades. The Healthcare sector is no exception. Such has been its influence that TeleHealth services in India continue to see a boom. 

Is Technology the Answer for Healthcare?

We are aware that our’s is a country where a majority of the people live in the rural sectors. Getting access to high-quality healthcare services to the remotest part of the country continues to be a challenge. Technology has bridged this gap to a great extent. Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and the Internet of Things have shown what niche technology can offer, especially in remote areas where access to quick medical attention is a challenge. 

Having a healthcare insurance policy is very vital for every citizen, where patients might have to undergo costly treatments including multiple surgeries. The use of technology has been of immense help here as all the required formalities to be completed can be completed online. Doctors and Patients need to fill out the prescribed electronic forms as proof that they have availed the treatment from the designated hospital that supports insurance.  

Additionally, there are some more terrific benefits which healthcare service providers and patients can collectively look forward to.

How has Technology changed the Healthcare System in India?

TeleHealth Services in India continue to win the hearts of many people at the end of every day. 

  • The power of Artificial Intelligence has completely changed the way critical patient data are tracked, collected, and stored for easy access at any point in time and from anywhere. 
  • It helps immensely in analysing laboratory tests, X-rays, CT scans, and data entry. 
  • The remote sectors are the major winners when it comes to using technology-driven healthcare services. Healthcare experts from across the globe can be reached for quick medical opinions at any point in time.
  • The use of Technology has helped doctors in diagnosing critical and life-threatening diseases.
  • Similarly, technologies like IoT can also help in integrating data collected from tests instantly, monitor the condition of the patient, and then relay that information to the doctors and staff in real-time, thereby improving the efficiency of the overall healthcare system. 
  • The introductions of Mobile Healthcare Apps have gone a long way in creating an excellent user experience and adding on to the benefits of technology.
  • With Mobile Apps, patients can place orders for their routine medicines from the comforts of their homes and request them to be delivered to their residence.
  • Another exciting benefit of using mobile apps has been observed in patient health monitoring through wearable devices and smartphones. This indeed is a revelation.

The Way Forward

Telemedicine services in India are going to grow steadily in the coming years. With increasing awareness of health and wellness issues, patients too will have a major role to play in the overall process of care. To know more about how beneficial technology has been and will continue to be in redefining healthcare, feel free to contact Apollo TeleHealth, one of the trusted Telemedicine services providers in India.

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