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A 4-year-old diagnosed with Rickets

A 4-year-old diagnosed with Rickets

The child’s mother, observed for the last 2 years, the child’s legs were starting to bend outwards, and that they weren’t getting any better. The mother got worried and took advice from local practitioners. Since the condition did not improve, the child was enrolled in Suriyawan CHC Telemedicine center complaining of pain in both the joints of the knee as well as a formation of deformity in the knee. Upon consultation, he was provisionally diagnosed with Rickets and prescribed vitamin D supplements. The doctor counselled the mother, about the disease and the significance of nutrition in this ailment, and the duration it would need to recover. Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium and phosphate into the bones, to provide the ingredients for ‘building blocks’ of the body to form. Due to the malformation of the bones caused by rickets, it can cause the child to suffer from bone pain, and may not be able to walk or run for as long a period of time as other children. They may also suffer from a lack of energy.

The comprehensive plan enabled him to recovery to be able to walk again with support, as the pain reduced and recovery initiated. “I am hopeful Raj will able to play and run like other children. I should have visited UPTM center earlier for the treatment. I will never neglect the condition” described the child’s mother about the entire experience.

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