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A blessing for the community of Andhra Pradesh

A blessing for the community of Andhra Pradesh

The 11-year-old patient’s fever started four days back which made him very weak. He would wake up around 10 p.m. every night with shivering. His mother tried local remedies to keep him be active, but the condition only deteriorated. This was when she decided to visit Jakkampudi UPHC for his treatment. After a detailed clinical investigation coupled with lab investigations by our Medical Officer and team, the child was diagnosed with Malaria with low platelet count. He was swiftly prescribed symptomatic treatment by the healthcare team and advised to stay hydrated with complete bed rest.

He was constantly under observation by the Medical Officer through call with the parents. He revisited after 5 days with much improvement in his clinical symptoms.  His lab investigations were repeated, and results showed his condition was stabilized. With a big smile, the mother thanked us by saying, “UPHC is a blessing for our community”.

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