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Birth to a Healthy and Hearty Baby

Birth to a Healthy and Hearty Baby

The patient smiled and said, “I delivered a healthy baby girl weighing 3 kgs”. Since the patient, 24 years, regularly took ANC services at Jakkampudi UPHC, this resulted in early diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism in pregnancy.  Two months back, the 24-year-old patient visited UPHC with complaints of fatigue, dry skin, and hair loss. After general examination, the Medical Officer advised lab investigations with thyroid profile, as part of ANC protocol to rule out any complications. Her TSH was found to be higher than the normal range which led to Teleconsultation with the Gynecologist. She was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Because thyroid hormones are so important to a baby’s brain and nervous system development, untreated hypothyroidism, can cause low IQ and problems with normal development.

The Gynecologist started her medication and worked with her on sustaining a nutritious diet coupled with regular exercise. She regularly visited the UPHC for a routine check-up and continued the medications until her delivery.  With prompt diagnosis aided by teleconsultations, the patient recovered back to health and gave birth to a healthy and hearty baby.

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