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Pancytopenia – a serious condition that should not be ignored

Pancytopenia – a serious condition that should not be ignored

The patient, 24 years, unemployed visited Jakkampudi UPHC, with complaints of fever, body pain and severe weakness for last five days. He initially took over the counter medicine, but the condition deteriorated. Being persuaded by his mother, the patient visited UPHC with much resistance. After evaluation by the Medical Officer, he was advised lab investigations for diagnosis.  He was diagnosed with Pancytopenia.  Immediately he was put up on symptomatic treatment and was referred to GGH Vijayawada for further management and evaluation.

The doctor counselled the patient and his mother about his condition and the immediate need of a higher facility treatment. Pancytopenia is a condition in which a person’s body has too few red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. In about half of pancytopenia cases, the cause is not known (idiopathic). Pancytopenia is serious and should not be ignored. Without treatment, it can lead to life-threatening symptoms that affect the entire body such as oxygen shortage and immune system disorders.

The patient got admitted and took treatment at GGH Vijayawada for four days. The patient called the Medical Officer and updated him on the improvement of his condition. “With the use of available investigations and appropriate referral mechanism, we have contributed to the wellness of the patient”

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