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Uncontrolled Hypertension

Uncontrolled Hypertension

Ms. Anjana Kumari, 57 years old, was had two episodes of fall due to dizziness. She increased her food intake assuming this is due to nutritional deficiency and started treatment from local pharmacy, but the situation did not improve. Her son took her to Jangareddygudem, Harijanpeta, West Godavari district for the first time in September 2020. Upon investigation by Medical Officer, she had uncontrolled Hypertension with BP of 190/100. Her treatment was initiated with Antihypertensives and she was counselled by the Medical officer on necessary diet and lifestyle management. She was also advised to follow up 2-3 times a month for compliance and Blood pressure monitoring. She also took Teleconsultation with General Medicine specialist in October 2020. With the advise and treatment,  her blood pressure is now under control (120/80) in her current visit in November 2020.

“My condition has improved a lot. Now I am not worried to go outside all alone without the fear of fall down. I am thankful to UPHC doctors for the treatment. I am also thankful to my son, who brought me to the enter” said Ms.  Ms. Anjana Kumari. 

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