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The Future of Digital Health in India

The Future of Digital Health in India

Since embracing Digitization, life in India is seen at a different level. Very key business sectors like Healthcare, Transportation, Education etc. continue to enjoy the winds of change. There has been an upsurge in the number of new digital tools which continue to arrive in the market. This has no doubt created an impact across the Healthcare System in India.

How has Digitization transformed Indian Healthcare System?

Digitization has maximised efficiency and productivity, not just from the organization perspective, but also from an individual’s perspective. There is a healthy competition among every individual to drive home the advantage by putting in something new from each one’s side.

When it comes to the Healthcare System, never before would it have been tested to the core, as it has been during the current pandemic period. It has really shown to what extent technology can be a saviour in trying times, irrespective of the industry you are associated with.

There has been a steady growth in the emergence of new Digital Health Start-ups in India. The fact that this began before the pandemic struck the country was a blessing in disguise. Recent studies have showed that year 2018 alone saw a 50% increase in the number of start-ups in the Healthcare Domain.

The fact that there is a touch of fresh technology in every new invention in the Healthcare System such as wearable devices, telemedicine, genomics and artificial intelligence, that has really impressed one and all.

What does the Future hold for Digital Health in India?

It definitely holds a lot of promise as new digital tools and technologies have already created a sensation the healthcare system in India;

  • Telemedicine has brought in a fresh wave of change as far as doctor consultation is concerned.
  • It is reduced the time it takes to consult a doctor considerably, in both rural and urban areas, by cutting down on travel time.  
  • The introduction of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) has been a great asset, especially to doctors as it can digitalise patient’s information coming from various sources at one place, helping them to arrive at a correct diagnosis and that too in a short period of time.  
  • Artificial Intelligence is seen to play a huge role in health management.
  • Cost effective surgical intervention through extensive use of the Robotic Technology is going to add a new dimension to the way surgeries are planned.
  • Teleradiology and Telecardiology has played a huge role in reaching timely and correct diagnosis to consultants so that they can plan further treatment courses for patients.
  • The introduction of Mobile health apps can help in preventing serious diseases by creating awareness among the people and enabling them to take timely and proper action.

The Bottom Line With newer innovations coming up by the end of every day, the future of Digital Health in India holds a lot of promise. Where life was otherwise stressful in the pre-digitization era, especially in the healthcare system, today there has been a growing feeling of security and certainty. Thanks to technology, there is hope now and end to pain.

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