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Post Natal Care in Winter for New moms and Newborns

Post Natal Care in Winter for New moms and Newborns

The onset of winter brings in lots of joy and an upbeat mood. However, it also brings in certain challenges, especially when it comes to taking care of new moms with their precious little new borns.

In today’s digital age, technology has a good role to play in supporting this activity through TeleHealth.

Caring for Newborn in Winter

Newborn winter care assumes paramount importance as the cold weather can be harsh making them vulnerable to various types of respiratory infections and skin diseases. Along with new born baby care, the respective mothers too need to take care of themselves equally well. They too face the challenge of recovering from childbirth and in turn, reading themselves to take care of their child.

Significance of Post Natal care

Post Natal care during the cold season is vital for the physical and mental well-being of both new moms. Childbirth is a very emotional phase in a mother’s life and the process can cause a lot of stress, both mentally and physically. Hence, proper nutrition and emotional support is of paramount importance.

Likewise, the newborns need to monitored with extreme care too through regular check-ups and phase wise development milestone analysis.

Post Natal care program by Apollo TeleHealth services

Apollo TeleHealth, one of pioneers in successfully offering a wide variety of Telehealth services, has once again been able to utilise technology to the fullest and bring in a comfortable program for new moms and newborns in helping them manage the harsh impact of winter.

  • Monitoring the winter readiness of new moms and newborns through virtual post-natal check-up programs.
  • Complete counselling on the steps to be taken to stay safe and healthy through TeleHealth appointments.
  • The virtual platform becomes more conducive for moms to share their personal thoughts with a one to one with the medical comfort without having to travel to the hospital, especially during harsh winter.  
  • Postpartum concerns can be discussed more confidently and opinions obtained instantly.
  • By sharing the frequent health status report and growth data through TeleHealth, moms can stay aware of the actions to be taken with respect to feeding and sleeping patterns.
  • Potential signs of health issues can be instantly communicated and treatment options can be obtained.


While embracing the beauty of winter has its own charm, it is equally important to be ready to manage challenges that can come on the way. Integrating TeleHealth services into post-natal care routines can offer a safe and secure means for receiving medical guidance and support. To know how Apollo Telehealth’s post-natal care program can help new moms and newborns stay fresh and healthy during harsh winter, feel free to connect with Apollo TeleHealth, the most trusted name for high-quality TeleHealth services.

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