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Parents worry anytime a little one falls ill

Parents worry anytime a little one falls ill

Parents worry anytime a little one falls ill, but imagine if your child becomes sick during a national health emergency. “That is exactly what happened to my 7-month-old son amid news of the coronavirus pandemic affecting our district – Said Child’s mother”. The child’s mother brought her 7-month-old child to Mirzachowki PHC Telemedicine center, Jharkhand for treatment. The child had watery loose stools with fever for the last ten days. He was shocked and breathing fast.  On examination, the child had no signs of dehydration. Other than the loose watery stools, the child appeared healthy. “He started out with vomiting and then diarrhoea, and now he is running a fever. I’ve tried everything I can think of to keep him well”. Said his mother.

Upon visiting the JHDD center, a clinical evaluation was conducted followed by a detailed evaluation by a Paediatrician. Mother was reassured by the doctor and medication was started. In just two days the child’s condition improved, displaying significant improvement in health due to the prompt response by the team. Timely management by the doctors helped the child to recover fast. “I am glad I visited JHDD center for the treatment, further delay could have cost me more” said child’s mother.

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