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A cheerful girl who stopped playing with her friends due to weakness and itching

The child was a cheerful girl since her childhood. The mother of the 12-year-old child observed sudden reclusiveness for the last six months coupled with hypopigmented spots in her back and weakness. The child had even stopped playing with her friends due to weakness and itching. Her mother decided to take her to Itki PHC Telemedicine center for treatment.

She visited the JHDD center wherein detailed clinical evaluation was done along with investigations such as HB and X-ray LS spine by the general physician over Teleconsultation.  She was referred to a specialist Dermatologist who diagnosed her with vitiligo and started on medications. Paediatrician provided medication for weakness and lethargy. The mother was also counseled about the condition of her child.

The mother ensured her child followed the guidance, take medications regularly and visited JHDD centre regularly for follow-up. “She has started playing outside with her friends and her itching has reduced – said the Mother”. With constant guidance and care by the medical team and family, the child made her way to a healthy recovery and be cheery self.

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