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Heart Health at your Finger Tips. A Guide to Cardiologist Telemedicine

Heart Health at your Finger Tips. A Guide to Cardiologist Telemedicine

Had we ever imagined something as critical as Heart Care at our finger tips?! No one would have dreamt about it. However, thanks to technology in the form of Telecardiology, your dreams have been converted into reality.

The best evidence of the emergence and power of Telecardiology can be given by what transpired 2-3 years ago when Covid 19 completely cut off people-to-people contact. The result was so demanding that not just minor health issues but even major health problems involving cardiac emergencies were very challenging to address.

This is where Telecardiology Systemscame in as a huge saviour.

The implementation of Cardiologist Telemedicine Solutions was not just a shot in the arm for patients, but also to all leading corporate hospitals and medical care centres.

In this article, eminent doctors from Apollo TeleHealth share some very important thoughts on Telecardiology Solutions.

Understanding Telecardiology Systems?

It is technology at its very best when we think about Heart Care. Cardiologist Telemedicine Solutions facilitate the required critical cardiac information with respect to a patient to reach cardiologists by capturing all the necessary data in real time through electrocardiographic equipment.

With this technology gaining prominence at the passing of each day, all major hospitals (exclusively into cardiac care or Multi-speciality with Cardiac care) have started equipping themselves with high-definition and high frequency communication devices so that Cardiologists are well-informed with the latest development with respect to his patient.

How useful is this Technology?

TeleHealth in the form of Telecardiology Solutions has changed the way cardiac care is looked at, especially in the rural areas.

  • Facilitates having a second opinion on cardiac diagnosis.

In most critical care diagnosis and treatments decision-making is nothing less tha stressful and challenging. Telecardiology systems enable the opportunity for a quick second opinion from another seasoned cardiologist even if he is sitting in a different location, in real and quick time.

  • Feedback to patient and families

Your anxiety with respect to a cardiac diagnosis report is quite rightly understandable.

Especially when you wait for your test reports and are quite rightly anxious and curious to know. Telecardiology Systems enable your doctor to receive all the necessary reports quickly and discuss further options with you.

  • Easy to transport

The medical and diagnosis equipment used in Telecardiology Solutions are smaller in size. Hence, beingportable, they can easily be transported from one place to another, saving precious travel time.

  • Saves Lives when most needed

It serves the best when the need is extremely urgent but no cardiologist is immediately available.  Telecardiologyworks at a rapid pace by reaching the information wherever the nearest cardiologist can be accessable. This can make a difference between life and death.

  • 24/7 Reporting

Emergencies usually occur when your hospital does not have a backup cardiologist, when the main cardiologist has left the hospital for the night. If you encounter such a situation there is still no need to panic as the use of telemedicine solutions makes it possible for doctors to continue gathering valuable data overnight as the patient is resting in the hospital.

  • Cost Effective

This is a cost-effective solution for both hospitals and patients. It will also help to cut down on the time you have when it comes to seeing off that Golden Hour.

Final Note

There are many benefits of Cardiologist Telemedicine Solutions. The technology has proved itself beyond doubt and is here to stay. To know more about this magical innovation,  contact us at Apollo Telehealth, the pioneers in Telecardiology services, today and see what difference we continue to make.

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