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Benefits of Telecardiology for Critical Access Hospitals?

Benefits of Telecardiology for Critical Access Hospitals?

Telehealth as a whole has seen an unprecedented rise in India. Thanks to its intensive and large-scale application during the trying times of Covid-19. There can be no better proof than during the pandemic situation how Telehealth became a lifesaver for millions across the globe.

It was indeed heartening to know that even the various branches of Telemedicine came in for a huge amount of praise. For e.g., Telecardiology.

With the pandemic completely cutting off people-to-people contact, addressing critical issues like cardiac care was very challenging. This is where Telehealth Cardiology came in as a huge saviour.

The introduction of Telecardiology was not just a boon to patients but also to critical access hospitals.

Let’s take a closer look by first understanding what Telecardiology care is all about.

What is Telecardiology?

Telecardiology can be defined as one of the finest gifts of technology as a part of Telemedicine. This process facilitates the required and critical cardiac information to reach cardiologists by capturing all the necessary data in real time through electrocardiographic equipment.

Cardiac attention is always an extremely immediate requirement and hence critical access hospitals can equip themselves with high-definition and high-frequency communication devices so that cardiologists are not deprived of any vital information at the right time. 

Cardiologist Telemedicine Solutions come with some more useful benefits that include:

  1. Seeking a Second Opinion Related to a Cardiac Disease: 

This is quite commonly observed during most critical care treatments where decision-making is challenging. Telecardiology facilitates seeking a quick second opinion from another seasoned cardiologist even if he is sitting in a different location. This happens in a quick time.

  1. Quick Feedback to Patients

Especially when you wait for your test reports and are quite rightly anxious and curious to know. Telemedicine cardiology helps the doctor receive all the necessary reports quickly and discuss further options with you.

  1.  Portability:

The medical equipment used in Telecardiology Care is portable and can easily be transported from one place to another thereby saving precious travel time.

  1. Saves Lives:

In unforeseen cases of the absence of a cardiologist when it is needed the most, Telecardiology works at a rapid pace by reaching the information wherever they are. This can make a difference between life and death.

  1. Overnight Reporting:

Has your hospital ever run into an issue where you need a cardiologist, but they’ve all left the hospital for the night? If you encounter such a situation there is still no need to panic as the use of telemedicine solutions makes it possible for doctors to continue gathering valuable data overnight as the patient is resting in the hospital.

  1. Cost Effective:

This practice will help save you money as well as bring in new sources of revenue. It will also help to cut down on the time you have when it comes to delivering timely and effective treatment to patients.

Final Note:

There are many benefits of telecardiology that prove why this medical practice is here to stay. If you’d like to learn more about telecardiology care, contact us at Apollo Telehealth, the pioneers in Telehealth services today and see what difference we continue to make.

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