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Overcoming the COVID-19 Trauma and Apprehensions

Overcoming the COVID-19 Trauma and Apprehensions

The patient of 34 years from Bangalore, fell sick exhibiting symptoms of sore throat, headache and high temperature at night. He decided to avail Doc on Cell service as suggested by his friend. Although this was his first experience with telemedicine, it turned out to be a good one. “It was immediately obvious that he was comfortable using this technology,” Doc on Cell doctor says. “It felt very personal and professional. I was impressed that the doctor took time to understand my condition.” Initially, he was started on symptomatic treatment. In his review visit after three days, previous symptoms were subsided, but mild ear pain started.

Due to the pandemic, he had an apprehension that he might have contacted Covid-19. The doctor counselled him and made him understand his Covid less condition. For his satisfaction, the doctor advised the Covid-19 test and asked to review it after five days.  In his review visit, he was happy on testing negative for Covid-19 and improvement in his symptoms. He was thankful to the doctor for making him overcome the Covid-19 trauma and apprehensions.

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