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An Asymptomatic case of COVID-19

An Asymptomatic case of COVID-19

Like many patients who have to adjust to a new normal due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the patient, aged 37, from Kolkata, worried how he would stay on track with his job with the risk of Covid-19. He called in Doc on Cell to know about Covid-19 due to his close contact with Covid-19 positive patient with no symptoms. On probing the Doctor realised, he is an asymptomatic carrier and advised for COVID 19 test with isolation. In his review, he was reported as positive for Covid-19. He was started on supportive treatment with advice to follow strict isolation.

Doctors continued to offer virtual follow-up visits to complement home isolation. Thanks to technology and through the help of Doc on Cell telemedicine doctor, the patient was able to stay on track and finally recovered from Covid-19. He bonded with his family after 15 days of isolation. The patient says “connecting was easy and just a call away”. Covid-19 can take an enormous toll on the body. For many, the road to recovery is very long and hard.  I am thankful for Doc on Cell for keeping me happy and healthy during this Covid-19 infection,” said the Patient.

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