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Dietician on Call. Making Healthy Eating Easier than Ever

Dietician on Call. Making Healthy Eating Easier than Ever

Your diet can play a crucial role in ensuring your overall well-being. Sometimes, eating lesser than what your body needs or at times, overeating, can have a significant impact on your health.

According to medical experts, a proper counselling from a certified dietician can do you a world of good. There were times when to set up an appointment with a good dietician and nutritionist was a challenge due to various reasons.

However, not any longer as technology has bridged the gap quite well by introducing a Tele-Dietician. The advantages of having dietician telehealth consultations is immense. Let’s take a look at how this works.

Understanding a Tele-Dietician

Tele-Dietician or Dietician on Call is defined as the process in which a dietician or nutritionist’s services are sought, either on phone or through video conferencing. This process enables a smooth interaction between patients and dieticians, irrespective of their locations.

 Nutrition counselling enables certified dietitians and nutritionists to counsel the patients using telecommunication equipment. Examples being, video conferencing, email, and text messages. 

 How Does Tele-Dietician Work?

A Tele-Dietician service, part of the TeleHealth services, enables you to get in touch with your registered dietician through a video chat.

Your Dietician on call will give you the necessary dietary and nutrition counselling without either of you having to travel and meet each other, face to face.

However, the advices from dieticians may vary from patient to patient on the advice of concerned doctors.

Commonly discussed by Tele-Dietitians or Tele-Nutritionists include:

  • Nutrition evaluation.
  • Nutrition monitoring. 
  • Setting up targets on a daily basis, based on quantity and quality.
  • Meal planning.
  • Adding optimal foods to your diet.
  • Food logging.

With Dietician Tele-Health consultation, you can now have a one to one and free interaction with your dieticians and seek timely support, whenever required as compared to the previous practices of having to fix up a time and visit the hospital.

Advantages with Dietician on call

Tele-Dietician services come with numerous advantages that include:

  • Scheduling appointments based on mutual convenience.
  • Real time dietician consultation.
  • More patient friendly service.
  • Reduced travel costs.
  • Overall, a very cost-effective service.
  • Convenient and personal attention.


TeleHealth programs have come in varied types to address even the smallest of health issues, observed across any medical deciplines. Tele-dietetics makes nutrition counselling more accessible to people who may have difficulty traveling to see a dietitian in person, such as those in rural areas or with limited mobility.

It is a wise decision to adopt this practice and free yourself from the rigours of travelling. To know more, meet our experts today at Apollo TeleHealth, which has every infrastructure in place from medical expertise to systems that can help you make informed decisions at the right time.

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