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A healthy child leads to a healthy family

A healthy child leads to a healthy family

Mr. Anil got worried when he noticed his 6-month-old nephew, is having constant dry cough for last two days. Since Ankith is staying with his brother’s family and working from home, he got an apprehension of contacting Covid-19 and transmitting it to his nephew. Mr. Anil, immediately decided to take Doc on Call service as advised by his colleague. Doctor probed into history for his previous illness and vaccination and observed baby was looking sick and weak but was active on breast feed. Doctor counselled the mother to avoid oily foods and direct sugars. Treatment started with prescribing baby syrup and asked for review after 3 days. After five days, mother took the consultation and was happy with the complete improvement of the baby cough condition. “ I am thankful to Doc on Call doctor for the treatment of my baby. It was first time I took virtual consultation and found it very useful. I will recommend this to all my relatives and friends” said the mother. Mr. Anil was also much relieved with the improvement in his nephew condition.

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