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A case of undetected Diabetes

A case of undetected Diabetes

The patient, 43 years old, visited Pithoria center, Jharkhand with complaint of blurred vision and polyuria. He was suffering from this condition since one month and his daily job was badly affected. Center paramedic took his history and vitals, and referred to the Doctor for teleconsultation. During Teleconsultation, the doctor evaluated his details and identified him having urinary infection as a result of prolonged undetected diabetes.

The doctor advised for Random Blood Sugar test at the center. In the investigation the sugar level was very high (546 mg/dl). He was immediately referred to General Medicine doctor for teleconsultation. The doctor advised antibiotic and medication for diabetes was initiated.  The Doctor also counselled him about his condition and instructed to have regular follow up at our center and review with blood test. 

Madan visited the center after one week, and post test the RBS improved to 329 mg/dl. Madan’s polyuria condition was better and he was able to perform day to day activity. The decrease in sugar level helped in healing the blurred vision. 

Mr. Madan, was very happy with his improved polyuria condition and controlled blood sugar level. He has now gained confidence in the Pithoria PHC which is evident from his regular visit to the center for management of diabetes. Identification of Mr. Madan Diabetes condition saved him from severe complications. “I am feeling much improvement in my condition and I can work peacefully. I am thankful to doctor and the paramedic for the treatment” said Mr. Madan

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