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A case of high risk pregnancy

A case of high risk pregnancy

Ms. Manju, 20 years, primi, visited Jakkampudi center, for an ANC visit for the first time in her 36 weeks Gestational age. She had a complaint of leaking fluid and lack of feeling the movement of baby. Medical officer examined her and referred for an Ultrasound wherein the AFI (Amniotic Fluid Index) was found to be low (AFI = 5cm) and diagnosed as Oligohydramnios. As the baby grows, she or he will move in the womb with the help of this fluid, and in the second trimester, the baby will begin breathing and swallowing the amniotic fluid.  Sometimes, this fluid may measure too high or too low. If the measurement of the fluid is too low, it is called oligohydramnios.  She had a Teleconsultation with Gynaecologist, who counselled her about the condition.  Doctor told her about the risk  associated in pregnancy, but those risks can be overcome. Our doctor was honest with Manju and her family about the high risks she was facing. Doctor communicated the concerns compassionately and immediately referred to nearest GGH (Government General Hospital) for delivery. 

Manju delivered a healthy baby with 2.5 kgs at GGH. Manju revisited our center for Post natal visit on November. “I am grateful to UPHC doctor for timely diagnosis of my high-risk condition and referral. My baby is healthy and without any complication” said Manju with a smile.

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