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A case of Dengue Treatment in OPD

A case of Dengue Treatment in OPD

Manasi 6 year old, had a episode of fever for last five days. Initially her mother, tried home remedies and visited local pharmacy for the treatment but the condition didn’t improve. Her brother advised her to visit the UPHC center for the treatment. She brought  Manasa to UPHC with the complaints of fever. Medical Officer advised her investigations for Malaria, Dengue and Typhoid. She turned out to be positive for Dengue Antigen with Thrombocytopeina (Platelet count 1.01L). She was closely monitored on her vitals, fluid intake and urine output. With symptomatic management, proper hydration advice and close follow up for three days her condition improved. Her Platelets count improved to 1.89L and symptoms subsided. 

“Manasi, is now playing with her friends in the neighbourhood and watching Television. I should have brought her early to UPHC center, I regret the delay” said mother  of Manasi.

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