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A case of cold chills during hot days

A case of cold chills during hot days

Shilpa, 45-year-old, tucked away in a remote corner of a village under Mirzachowki PHC in Jharkhand. The only way to reach her village is by private vehicle or walk.  For a middle-aged women, like Sobha, having fever is very disruptive. This made her to visit Mirzachowki PHC for treatment. Upon visit, she said “I was feeling cold. It was hot outside, but I was feeling cold inside. I wrapped myself under a pile of sheets, but still I was shivering.” After detailed clinical investigation, doctor advised lab investigations. She was soon diagnosed with Dengue positive with low platelet count. Supportive treatment was provided to Shobha by doctor and advised to stay hydrated and complete bed rest. 

Shilpa revisited after 5 days with much improvement in her clinical symptoms.  Her lab investigations were repeated, and results showed her condition was stabilized. “I was very scared and worried. Once I thought, I might have to be get admitted in hospital but the treatment and confidence provided by the doctor, my condition improved within span of five days. I am thankful to JHDD center” said Shilpa with a big smile.

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