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What is Remote Healthcare and How Does It Work

What is Remote Healthcare and How Does It Work

Telemedicine has played a huge role in reaching high-quality healthcare to the remotest parts of the country. One of the major subsets of Telemedicine that have won the hearts of many individuals, both in the urban and rural sectors, has been Tele Homecare. One of the major assets of Tele Homecare has been Remote Healthcare.

What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote Patient Monitoring has been an exciting development supported by Telemedicine technology. Largely beneficial to senior citizens and physically challenged citizens, this technology has had a huge impact by saving precious time for both patients and doctors when expert opinion is required by a medical expert based in a different area.

How Does a Remote Medical Device Work?

Tele Homecare Services have been growing at a rapid pace thanks mainly to the Remote Patient Monitoring Program. 

What is Remote Monitoring of Patients?  As explained a little while earlier, this technology has become a source of hope for many citizens who are unable to visit a medical care centre, especially during emergencies and for various reasons. 

This technology makes use of Remote Medical Devices that can help your healthcare provider stay in constant touch with you. There are a few different ways that remote monitoring of patients can be set up.  The most common way is for patients to use special devices that measure various health parameters. Subsequently, the resulting data is then transmitted to a central hub, where it can be monitored by healthcare professionals.

Another way is through the use of wearable devices, such as fitness trackers. These devices also collect health data, which can be transmitted and used to monitor a patient’s health status.

Remote Healthcare and Telemedicine also combine certain software that is used to drive the device hardware. 

  1. Telemedicine Software:

Ideally, telemedicine software can be installed on your iOS or Android devices, or tablet/laptop/desktop PCs. At the time of the appointment, you will connect with your doctor and both of you can see and hear each other comfortably.  the session and can see and hear each other. The meeting is documented and saved into an Electronic Healthcare Record System.

  1. Patient Portal:

Remote Monitoring Healthcare system also houses a patient portal that helps you to keep in constant touch with your healthcare provider. You can correspond with your doctor through messages and receive opinions. You can request or schedule an appointment with your doctor. 

The portal is hugely beneficial to new patients too as it helps them finish off the formality of filling out forms if required as well as supports online payments. 

Implement Remote Healthcare Today:

Supporting your patients in every way possible is like receiving a boost and visibility to you as a successful Tele Services provider. These engagements and connectivity tools can help keep patients engaging with your practice and getting the support they need. 

To know more about Remote Healthcare, feel free to connect with Apollo Telehealth, the pioneers in Telemedicine Services in India.

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