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What is Chronic Disease Management and how does it work

What is Chronic Disease Management and how does it work


Medical experts define Chronic diseases as those which prolong for a considerable period of time. While they progress very slowly, getting relief from them is more or less a frustrating experience for patients. Chronic conditions, though non-communicable in nature, can impact our health in a significant way.

Commonly observed diseases observed under this category includes: elevated sugar levels, elevated blood pressure levels, mental disorders, sleep disorders and cardiac disorders.

Chronic Disease Management?

A Chronic Management program includes treating those patients who continue to suffer from multiple ill-health conditions at the same time. Chronic also means persistent. The Chronic condition management program depends upon the condition of the patient. Additionally,

  • They are complex in nature.
  • Age related problems are often a challenge to treat.
  • Unhealthy diet, alchohol, smoking and sedentary lifestyle contribute to chronic illnesses.

With systematic Chronic Illness Management, patients can monitor their health condition in consultation with experts. It also successfully addresses any issues noticed during the course of the treatment. However, the type of treatment many vary as some illness can be associated with mental health as well as a combination of physical and mental health.

Chronic Condition Management involves a well-programmed and well-planned approach. It all begins with convincing the patient to be more relaxed and stress free during the course of the treatment. Long duration treatment can include intense counselling to understand the patient and his distress in detail, especially in the case of patients with mental ill-health. 

A successful Chronic Illness Management program

The success of any treatment plan depends on the expertise of your treating doctor as well as the facilities available at the hospital. A Chronic Disease Management program can involve experts from different medical departments and hence, keeping this in mind, combined experience and skillsets plays a huge role.

Factors that can contribute to a successful program include:

  • Transparency in understanding medical history.
  • Employing the best and most suitable guidelines.
  • Focusing on proactive care.
  • Streamline approach for comorbid conditions.
  • Adopt a family-centred approach and take patients into confidence.  
  • Counsel patients to completely co-operate.


A proper Chronic Disease Management program can reduce the possibility of chronic diseases getting aggravated. In addition to a highly seasoned and versatile team of experts working with you, Apollo TeleHealth provides consistent medical assistance and encouragement with whatever Health issues you may have. To know more, feel free to connect with our experts at Apollo TeleHealth.

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