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Tinea Corporis – Meghalaya (Tura) – 20th Oct 2022

Tinea Corporis – Meghalaya (Tura) – 20th Oct 2022

On 4th November 2022, 51 years old female visited the Tura center as a follow-up visit. The patient has been suffering from itchy rashes all over the body and redness of the skin. The patient has been suffering from the same for the past five years, with an intermittent increase in the severity of the condition.

The patient first visited on 20th October 2022 with severe itching all over the body. Paramedics performed a complete physical examination and recorded all the vitals, which were normal. The patient had undergone surgery two years before for the lump in the breast, and no other associated medical conditions were present. The patient got connected with the dermatologist. The doctor assessed the patient’s condition and gave a provisional diagnosis of Tinea corporis.  

The doctor prescribed oral medications, soap, and topical application for two weeks. He advised the patient to maintain proper personal hygiene, moisturize the skin every day, and avoid scratching. Provided him with appropriate counseling on the condition and advised him to review it after two weeks. The patient visited again on 4th November for review. The initial assessment was made and connected with a dermatologist.

The doctor observed an improvement in his condition and prescribed medications for two more weeks. The doctor also advised him to use a separate towel and soap to avoid cross-infection. During his next visit on 18th November 2022, the patient was connected with the dermatologist after the initial assessment. There was a significant improvement in the skin condition. The doctor advised continuing the medications and review after one week.

The patient was happy about the improvement in his condition. She showed her gratitude for proper guidance and treatment.



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