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The Future of Eyecare is here. Emerging trends in Teleophthalmology

The Future of Eyecare is here. Emerging trends in Teleophthalmology

 There is no sector which is not influenced by technology today. We live in a Digital world where every service key service is accessable, right on our finger tips. The Healthcare sector too has seen a major change in every speciality medical service. What we are going to explore here is how Eyecare has become more easy and comfortably accessable, especially to those millions of people in remote areas, through a technology driven service as Teleophthalmology.

Teleophthalmology System

Teleophthalmology consultation services have come in as a major boost to Eyecare. With the need to visit the hospital for a complete eye check up reduced by conducting location wise Teleophthalmology camps, the connection with a patient and the best eye specialist is that much more frequent and beneficial.

Teleophthalmology Screening

The Teleophthalmology screening process involves the use of high-performance sophisticated equipment like fundus cameras and satellite dishes. Live images of the patient’s prevailing eye condition and detailed test reports are transformed through a local eye doctor to an experienced ophthalmologist who studies the reports and gives his opinion instantly.

Incase a more detailed analysis is required; the patient is requested to visit the main hospital of the service provider who conducts the camps.

Teleophthalmology consultation includes

The Teleophthalmology consultation program begins right from planning the camp well in advance.  An experienced camp co-ordinator designed by the hospital conducting the camp works with the local village heads as well as his home hospital.

The key phases of the camp include:

  • Registering the visiting patient.
  • Vision Check.
  • Refraction.
  • Slit Lamp examination.
  • Intra-ocular pressure (IOP) test.
  • Fundus Examination.
  • Doctor’s consultation.
  • Patient counselling.
  • Glass sales counter if no further investigation is required.

The camp winds up after the patient is counselled by the support staff on the next step involved after the consultation with the eye specialist, virtually.

Emerging Trends in Teleophthalmology

With the tremendous success of Teleophthalmology system, hospitals embracing this magical technology have gained immensely, economically and socially. The future prospects are getting brighter and brighter.

  • Transcending geographical barriers and reaching the remotest of locations.
  •  High profile, portable diagnostic equipments can now be installed in a well-equipped and specifically designed vehicle to conduct on the spot tests.
  • Patients can be screened on the spot for complex conditions like Diabetic Retinopathy and Retinoblastoma.
  • Accurate diagnosis and reports possible by using Artificial Intelligence in Diagnosis processes.
  • Wearable devices with sensors can track eye pressure and variations in the condition of the eyes.
  • More awareness driven programs.
  • Frequent patient follow ups with Electronic Medical Records.

Wrapping Up

The phenomenal success of Teleophthalmology is more to do with making use of technological innovations to overcome barriers to improve accuracy in diagnosis and patient outcomes. Embracing emerging trends is of paramount importance to realise the full potential of Teleophthalmology.   To know more about how Teleophthalmology consultation is extremely useful, please connect with Apollo Telehealth, your most trusted partner for Teleophthalmology care in India.

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