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How is Condition Management different from Health Coaching

How is Condition Management different from Health Coaching

While both Health Coaching and Condition Management play useful roles in ensuring the overall well-being of an individual, they are slightly different from each other.

Let us understand how both of them are different and their benefits.

What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching has more to do with how to mentally prepare yourself to ensure your well-being and be always ready to fight any chronic disease. For simple understanding, health coaching is a process that equips any individual with the required knowledge, skill sets, tools and all-important self-confidence, to prepare to face the implications of any chronic disease.

The key parameters focused upon during health coaching include

  • Adequate Nutrition
  • Physical fitness
  • Relationships
  • Spiritualism
  • Leisure
  • Extracurricular activities

What are the benefits of Health Coaching?

Some of the key benefits of Health Coaching include

  • Support decision makingby working with patients in identifying options, creating plans, overcoming barriers, locating resources, and providing reminders.
  • Supporting patients who are hypertensive and diabetic by educating them about the associated complications, treatment options, and clinical targets to improve their knowledge about hypertension and diabetes.
  • Offer emotional support, which can help you cope with the emotional impact of your chronic illness. 

What is Condition Management?

The condition management program involves experienced healthcare professionals to actually manage an individual’s chronic health condition.  Chronic conditions can include,

  • arthritic complaints
  • issues bothering your back and neck problems
  • fatigue
  • depression
  • pain
  • stress
  • cardiac and lung disorders

What are the benefits of Condition management?

A proper condition management system can bring in good benefits to both, the patients as well as the healthcare providers.

  • It is evident that there’s a lack of awareness among patients when it comes to managing their chronic diseases. They may not know how to follow a healthy diet, or what symptoms might signal the need for immediate medical attention. Healthcare professionals can enlighten the patients on that.
  • A proper condition management system employed by the healthcare service provider/ hospital can use technology effectively through the use of emails, voice and text messaging, to connect with patients through their preferred form of communication, and at their preferred times.

Key separators – Health Coaching and Condition Management

  • The clinical nature of these two programs is different. While chronic condition management is generally provided by an experienced healthcare professional say a doctor or a nurse, health coaching can be given by a professional without a clinical background.
  • Health coaching talks more about the available options to tackle illnesses while Condition management goes a step higher and explains how it’s done depending upon the patients prevailing health condition.
  • Another very notable difference between health coaching and chronic care management is that chronic care programs are offered only to members who have certain chronic conditions. Health coaching can be offered to all members irrespective of whether they have developed a chronic illness that requires to be properly diagnosed.  

The Bottom Line

A well-programmed Health Coaching at frequent intervals and a well-laid-out Condition Management program can go a long way in keeping you happy, smiling and free from the pains of chronic diseases. To know more, please feel free to connect with Apollo TeleHealth who have reshaped many lives through organised and effectively implemented Healthcare programs.

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