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Benefits & Advantages of Electronic Medical Records

Benefits & Advantages of Electronic Medical Records

One of the integral parts of Telemedicine services have been EMR’s or Electronic Medical Records. The traditional method of creating a manual patient history file is slowly giving way to the more advanced and technologically driven system of Electronic Medical Records. Hospitals all over the world have successfully adopted this system even though the erstwhile system also continues at many places.  With the evolution of computers and the internet, digitally transferring and recording medical records became essential.

What are Electronic Medical Records?

For simple understanding, Electronic Medical Records are digital records that healthcare providers use to records patient data. An EMR includes medical history, doctor’s notes, diagnosis, lab results, Radiology reports like X-Rays and Scans, treatment recommended, and medicines prescribed. The EMR’s can be accessed online by doctors, irrespective of where they are based and help more when patient’s require opinions from consultants in different medical domains. Accurately documenting a patient’s medical history reduces diagnosis errors and helps provide appropriate care.

Over the years, TeleHealth in India has grown at a phenomenal rate. EMR’s come with a host of advantages which hospitals, big or small as well as patients can make use of in a more prolific way. Not only do EMR’s record patient data, but they are also used to process insurance claims, manage payments, schedule patient visits, add new patients and share information.

What Are the Benefits & Advantages of Electronic Medical Records?

Electronic Medical Records have changed the way healthcare service providers operate. They bring in attractive advantages for both, patients and hospitals like,

For Patients,

  • Fewer errors when compared to paper records
  • Faster and more accurate information exchange
  • Improved treatment and diagnosis
  • Patients can access their records and view instructions at any time and from anywhere
  • Keep a track of medical history

For Hospitals and Healthcare Service Providers

  • Lowers operational costs
  • Ensures security and privacy of patient health information
  • Enables outreach as different clinics can access patient information online with the permission of the patient.
  • Ensures transparent communication between hospital staff including medical and administrative staff
  • Can be scalable anytime as and when required.

Keep in Mind

TeleHealth in India continues to grow at a rapid pace and Electronic Medical Records has been of great support. A most of the patients go in for second opinion with an alternate consultant, EMR’s have been an asset as they can be accessed as and when needed. To know more about how this efficient service has been a game changer, to both doctors and patients feel free to contact us at Apollo TeleHealth, one of the pioneers in Telemedicine Services. 

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