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Allergic Contact Dermatitis – Himachal (Pangi) – 27th Jan 2023

Allergic Contact Dermatitis – Himachal (Pangi) – 27th Jan 2023

On 27th January 2023, a 27-year-old male came to Apollo TeleHealth center at Pangi with chief complaints of a lesion over both the hands and legs for the past two months and severe itching and dryness on the lesion for the past week. 

There was no relevant previous medical history. The paramedics took the initial assessment and recorded the vitals as pulse – 76 beats/min, BP – 100/70 mmHg, Spo2 – 96%, and temperature 98.6°F. Tele-consultation with a dermatologist was organized on the same day by the paramedic in the center. After a complete assessment, a provisional diagnosis of Allergic contact dermatitis was given. The doctor prescribed Ointment Fucibet cream to be applied twice daily for seven days and Tab Cetcip 10mg once daily for seven days at night. 

The specialist also advised applying Coconut Oil in the morning and evening over the affected region. The doctor advised the patient to maintain proper personal hygiene, bathe twice daily with lukewarm water, and regularly moisturize the skin & avoid scratching the lesions. 

We made a follow-up call on 2nd February 2023. During follow-up, there was a significant improvement in the skin condition. The patient thanked the center and staff for the proper diagnosis & guidance.

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