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Providing telehealth services beyond the horizons. And now, beyond the skies .

Being a proud global partner of, to join International Space Medicine Consortium (ISMC), we have come a long away in achieving our mission goals. Prof. K. Ganapathy, President, ATNF and Director, ATHS is the only Asian member of ISMC’s Board of Advisors.

At ISMC, Apollo Telehealth actively participates in enhancing the medical knowledge and developing new technologies that enables long duration, deep space human exploration. This further helps in on-ground applications for the benefit of the society

Armed Forces in India

Implementation of Telehealth and remote health care services for the armed forces of India started at the ATNKK area with the help of the then GOC Maj. General. Anoop Jamwal. With the help of this first setup, many more armed units were trained on the uses of telemedicine.

  • Trained armed forces of 20 different units
  • Successful setup of telemedicine units in Central Command
  • Organised a course in Telemedicine for Senior Officers of the central command

Technical Assistance toVietnam

An expert team, with specialized skill sets in field of Telemedicine was deployed to setup, manage and conduct an e-learning telemedicine program. This e-learning program has been an integral part of India, Brazil, and South Africa (IBSA) Fund project. The team consisted of Prof. K. Ganapathy, President of the Apollo Telemedicine Foundation and S. Prem Anand, Vice President of Programme Development.

Pan African e-Network Project

The then President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, during his inaugural session of the Pan-African Parliament held at Johannesburg proposed in his address to connect all the 53 nations of the African Union by a satellite and a fiber optic network that would provide communication for Tele-education, Tele-medicine, Internet, Video conferencing, and VoIP services.

This project is also meant to support e-Governance, e-Commerce, infotainment, resources mapping, meteorological services etc.


Connecting the rural India with best of the available healthcare solutions has been one of the prime challenges for us. In a collaborative initiative with M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF), multipoint video conferencing our eminent experienced consultants from Apollo Hospitals, Chennai could interact with people from 12 different villages in real time

Initially, the topics covered were about Diabetes, Management of Diabetes, Diabetes in Pregnancy, and Prevention, diagnoses & management of complications of Diabetes. Currently, this program is fortnightly scheduled across various urban and rural regions of India.

With 19 years of experience and this dream in our eyes, ATNF was formally introduced by Dr. Prathap C. Reddy in 1999. Since then, our teams have worked vigorously towards bridging the urbanrural gap. With the help of the synergic efforts of ATNF, many specialised solutions are available today such as Tele-consults, Tele-radiology, Tele-cardiology, and Tele-Condition Management

Research and Publications

Stay up-to-date, learn more, and make better decisions through research and publications about the challenges and opportunities in Telehealth Services - one of the most booming and advanced healthcare space.