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7 trends shaping the future of Telemedicine in Healthcare

7 trends shaping the future of Telemedicine in Healthcare

Telemedicine has made a mark for itself globally not just for the various advantages it brings with it but also due to the fact that it has turned to be an additional asset for healthcare service providers in beating the competition thrown open among quality healthcare providers. Those with an extended facility of Telemedicine services clearly have an upper hand on those without this facility.

So, what makes Telemedicine such a huge feature? Experts share their valuable thoughts.

What is driving Telemedicine as the next gen Healthcare option?

Real-time Telemedicine has grown significantly over the past few years. Using Telecommunications and remote sending devices, it helps healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat patients, irrespective of wherever they reside, including rural sectors.

Not just globally, but India too is welcoming Telemedicine with open arms after what the country went through during Covid infested periods. Additionally, some key factors continue to play a significant role in driving the Telemedicine technology forward at great pace.

  • Digitising Healthcare

Technology has seen many prominent business sectors graduate into Digitising their operations. Healthcare is no different. Though it took a little while to embracing digitization, the Corona crisis contributed a great deal in speeding up the process as the traditional healthcare system had completely collapsed globally. The fruits of digitization are there for the world to see today.

  • Implementing Mobile Health Technology

With Mobile Health technology being considered by premier healthcare service providers, Remote Patient Monitoring has seen significant acceptance. Well-equipped vehicles with all basic and advanced facilities have been able to bridge the gap between distance and quality healthcare to a great extent.

  • The power of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI has continued to make its presence felt almost everywhere. Healthcare is not far behind. The implementation of AI can speed up diagnosis process and improve accuracy.

  • Technological Shifts

Any type of business entity, big or small, needs to adapt to and adopt newer technologies as and how they are introduced. Telemedicine is no different. The shift from 4G TO 5G has been significant and Telemedicine networks will do well to get ready for such changes especially in crucial activities like delivering medical images, remote patient monitoring, virtual meetings etc.

  • Emergence of Wearable Devices

When it comes to Remote Patient Monitoring, wearable devices are making their presence felt in a big way. Now, vital parameters like sugar levels, heart rate, blood pressure levels and blood oxygen levels can be easily monitored with continuous flow of data.

  • Blockchain Technology

The emergence of Blockchain technology has already been creating waves. When it comes to data security, Blockchain has it within itself to generate a secure patient data record with permission-based access only. This way, it enhances patient data privacy.

  • Policy decisions and changes

Decisions with respect to long term application of Telemedicine services can be endorsed by the health department of various countries after taking a look at its utility and immense popularity during the pandemic. This can pave the way for generating and approving certain licences deemed necessary for global outreach.


As we look forward to the future. The role of Telemedicine in enhancing health outcomes become more evident and crucial. To know more, feel free to connect with Apollo TeleHealth, the most trusted name in Telemedicine services.

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