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Teleclinic Locator


DOC-ON-CALL provides immediate telephone access to expert Apollo physicians. The service allows corporate employees to get their health-related questions answered by doctors immediately, at any time of the day or night, without spending time in a waiting room or spending money on a large consultation fee.


HealthNet Global Ltd
Round the
Clock Service
Round the Clock service over the phone where in easy access to medical information is provided by qualified Apollo trained and certified Doctors / Health Advisors.
HealthNet Global Ltd
The horizon of health care spreads from providing symptomatic treatment of any health conditions to providing health care advice for a healthy lifestyle, chronic disease management.
HealthNet Global Ltd
Doc-on-call patients enjoy high-quality, personalized care at the comfort of their own environment.
HealthNet Global Ltd
Unnecessary Visits
It eliminates unnecessary visits to the doctors in person and still provides mental peace to the client.
HealthNet Global Ltd
Dedicated Toll
Service is provided through a dedicated toll number, once the corporate is enrolled with Apollo TeleHealth’s Doc-On-Call Program.

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